Google Removes Map That Tracked Over 500 Pediatric Gender Clinics Citing ‘Harassment’

Christina Buttons, one of the founders of Gays Against Groomers, reported that Google removed a map that tracked over 500 pediatric gender clines in North America.

The big tech company cited “harassment” for the map’s removal. Which is odd considering the same data remains on other maps created by trans activists.

Buttons documented her finding with The Daily Wire:

Alix Aharon, the creator of the Gender Mapping Project, which was created using the Google Maps ‘My Maps’ feature, which allows users to create custom maps, said she noticed it was deactivated on Friday, September 30.

Aharon shared a notice she received to Twitter from Google that said her map violated their “Harassment, Bullying and Threats policy.”

“After reviewing this map, we’ve found it to be in violation of our policies and have removed it from My Maps,” a Google spokesperson told The Daily Wire. 

“We have clear policies that prohibit the use of My Maps for harassment, and when we find content and determine that it violates these policies, we remove it,” they added.

This map from Aharon, a founding member of Partners for Ethical Care, was interesting because it showcased just how widespread these gender clinics are in America. And that they are not only located in places like Seattle, LA, or Boston.

Aharon claims that she and her colleagues “have called over 500 pediatric gender clinics to confirm their existence” before adding them to their now-removed map.

“They don’t want people to know how many gender clinics exist. They don’t want people to know there’s hundreds,” she said.

Per Aharon, Google eventually caved to trans activist pressure.

“[Activists have] done these attacks in the past, they’ve attempted to have [our map] taken down for years,” Aharon added. “It does appear that Google did try to hold out at first, but they eventually gave in.”

As mentioned, the same data is still available on trans activist websites. But the reason for those maps is to help gender-confused people locate clinics that prescribe cross-sex hormones. Spot the difference?

“While both maps track gender clinics across the country containing virtually the same data points, only Reed’s map was permitted to remain visible on Google,” Buttons wrote.

Google’s hypocrisy is off the scale.

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