‘Gosnell’ Movie Crushes Box Office Despite Media Blackout

Even without national media coverage, a large advertising budget, the widespread release of other major flicks, “Gosnell,” the film about a murderous abortionist, cracked the top 10 in box office ratings during its first weekend.

“Despite the more limited release, Gosnell outperformed A Simple Favor, The Nun,  and the blockbuster film Crazy Rich Asians,” according to Life News“Every other movie except for one that appeared higher in the weekend top 10 list was shown to Americans in thousands of theaters. It was also the only movie to gain in audience on Sunday, with over $1.23 million in ticket sales though the weekend. Every other movie saw a Sunday drop off.”

The film was released in 673 theaters as opposed to the 2800 of its competitors. It depicts the investigation, arrest and trial of Kermit Gosnell, a murderer who performed hundreds, if not thousands, of illegal late-term abortions. Gosnell is even accused of killing numerous infants after birth.

Big League Politics attended a screening of the film and interviewed director Nick Searcy last week.

We reported:

BLP’s Sonny Joy Nelson caught up with Director and actor, Nick Searcy, of the soon-to-release film, Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer at a special pre-showing.

This film boldly portrays the events as occurred in the Gosnell trial. Kermit Gosnell, who is currently serving a life sentence with no parole, operated an abortion “clinic” in Pennsylvania that was raided by the FBI and DEA in 2010 after a long investigation of illegal drug distribution.


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