Governor Kathy Hochul is Looking to Displace New York Workers

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has been looking to fill over 18,000 jobs across the Empire State with freshly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens.

As John Binder of Breitbart News called attention to how Hochul’s plan comes at a time when 385,000 New Yorkers are still unemployed.

Hochul organized a press conference on October 2, 2023, where she boasted about how her administration had teamed up with employers statewide to identify over 18,000 unfilled jobs that could be filled by border crossers and illegal aliens.

“We have a two-for-one solution here. Now we have all these people here and all these jobs that are open, marry these two together, and we can solve these problems,” Hochul stated.

Binder highlighted the kind of jobs these migrants are expected to assume:

Most jobs identified by Hochul’s administration are in food service, healthcare, manufacturing, administrative support, construction, retail, and business service, among other industries.

Over 125,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in New York since the spring of 2022. New York is a sanctuary state where local law enforcement does not actively cooperate with federal immigration enforcement to turn over illegal aliens. 

Hochul’s latest pro-mass migration ventures are just the latest expression of New York’s sanctuary state status. The Empire State is a post-national jurisdiction whose political class is no longer concerned with the preservation of the state’s historic ethnic stock. 

At this point, disgruntled New Yorkers may have to move to red states in order to live in freer, stabler jurisdictions. Blue states have simply become inhospitable for the Right. 

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