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A one time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and advocate for children who have fallen victim to sexual abuse was arrested Tuesday after several text messages were exchanged with undercover FBI agents in which they received photos and videos of children in sexual acts–some of which were young enough to still be wearing diapers.

Joel Davis, chairman of an organization devoted to helping end sexual violence, (The International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict) was charged with possession, receipt, and distribution of child pornography, enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity, and attempted sexual exploitation of a minor. Davis is also widely credited as one of the founders of a nonprofit organization called Youth to End Sexual Violence that stemmed from a global summit meeting on sexual violence in 2014, organized in part by Angelina Jolie, United Nations special envoy.

Big League Politics has obtained a copy of the file containing Davis’s charges and the details of his offenses are difficult to read.

**Warning: Some of the following content is graphic**

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In count one, Joel Davis is charged with enticement of a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity. By “willfully and knowingly using a facility and means of interstate and foreign commerce to persuade, induce, entice, and coerce an individual under the age of 18” to engage in sexual activity by using a telephone to arrange a meeting with a thirteen-year-old boy for sexual activity. It also states that the arrangement did result in him meeting with the child in the month of June 2018.

Count two, also in June of 2018, charges of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor stem from Davis’s text messages that were exchanged between himself and an undercover FBI agent where Davis repeatedly asked for images of children to be sent to him and where he also sent his own images to the undercover agent.

In count three, possession of child pornography, it’s stated that in May and June of 2018 Joel Davis “knowingly did possess and access with intent to view, and attempt to possess and access with intent to view a book, magazine, periodical, film, videotape, computer disk, and other material” that contained images of child pornography that had been mailed to Davis. It goes on to specifically describe images of pornography including images of a “prepubescent minor who had not attained 12 years of age, on a smartphone device located in New York, New York.”

Count four, receipt and distribution of child pornography, stems from May and June of 2018 where Davis “knowingly did receive and distribute material that contains child pornography”. The evidence was taken from Joel Davis’s smartphone and included the back and forth exchange of images where minor children performed sex acts on adults and other children.

The affidavit was presented by a Special Agent who has been employed by the FBI for nine years. He is specifically assigned to an FBI squad that focuses on enforcing federal laws prohibiting not only child pornography but other forms of child exploitation as well.

The Special Agent describes how Joel Davis sent sexually explicit videos and images of infants and expressed his desire to engage in sexual activity with underage children. During the exchange of text messages with one of two undercover FBI agents (referred to as UC-1 and UC-2 in the report) Davis actually arranged to meet with a nine-year-old girl and a two-year-old girl with the intent to engage in sexual activity with the two young girls.

On or about May 15, 2018 law enforcement officers with the FBI (UC-1) posted a message in a fetish website for classified advertisements that read: “Looking for other no limits TABOO pervs in DC area. Bi dad here.” An individual with the screenname “yngperv22”, who was subsequently identified as Joel Davis replied to the message, stating: “Need me to come down and watch ur kids for a night :).” The undercover agent provided his cell phone number to Davis and communication via text message quickly followed.

According to reports made by the undercover agent UC-1, during the course of their text exchange Davis stated that he is into children age “0+” and has “[n]o limits.” Davis went on to tell UC-1 that he has had sexual experiences with a seven-year-old boy, a six-year-old girl, and a nine-month-old boy. When UC-1 informed Davis that he had an eight-year-old daughter Davis replied: “If ur legit I’d love to come down and eat her pu**y.”

During their text exchange, Davis told UC-1 that he has baby images and videos in sexual acts and sent the undercover agent the following images**WARNING, GRAPHIC**: (1) an image of a toddler female performing oral sex on an adult penis; (2) an image of a clothed toddler female between the legs of an adult male, who has his erect penis near the toddler’s face; (3) an image of what appears to be a prepubescent child spreading his/her anus; (4) an image of a toddler boy being penetrated in the anus by an adult penis; (5) an image of a naked infant child lying down; (6) an image of a crying infant, with an erect penis near the infant’s face; (7) an image of a naked infant lying on a blanket, with a penis in close proximity to the infant; and (8) a naked female toddler lying naked on his back, with an adult male placing his penis near the child’s vagina.

From May 29th through June 25th, 2018 Joel Davis exchanged text messages with a separate undercover agent, (UC-2) where he told the agent he lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, at 5th Avenue and 105th Street. During their text exchange, Davis stated he had “tried” to have sexual intercorse with a seven-year-old boy in the past “but i couldn’t get it in and he was struggling to[o] much.” Davis went on to tell UC-2 he had “fingered” a three-year-old girl and told him that he “love[s] a baby c*nt.”

Davis after being told by UC-2 that he has a nine-year-old daughter wrote: “God id love to eat her pu**y” and “We can watch baby vids too” “While u f*ck her mmmm,” and told UC-2 “I just want her c*nt” and “I want to eat her c*nt so bad.”

During their continued text message conversation Davis repeatedly asked for UC-2 to take naked photos and videos of UC-2’s nine-year-old daughter and also the two-year-old daughter of UC-2’s girlfriend and for UC-2 to send the photos and videos to Davis.

At approximately 10:00 p.m. June 25th, 2018, Davis asked UC-2 about his nine-year-old daughter and inquired, “When am I going to meet her?,” and “What are you doing tonight?”

Davis wrote to UC-2 that he has “hundreds” of images of child pornography in his “collection”, stating he owned “Mostly baby/toddler.”

Davis then asked about the two-year-old daughter of UC-2’s girlfriend: “When do u have the baby alone next,” to which UC-2 replied, “Prob this weekend”, to which Davis responds, “I mean even for a few mins enough to FaceTime”. Davis continues asking UC-2 about the two-year-old with texts reading: “How often you get some ;)?” and “When’s the last time you fingered her,” to which UC-2 replied: “Over the weekend.” Davis clarified: “Ate her baby pu**y too!” “?*”

Davis asked UC-2 “Do u have anything of ur older girl or the baby,” to which UC-2 replied, “jus the baby.”
Davis responds: “what do you have”, “What is it Of” and clarified, “I mean do you have anything of your baby.” When UC-2 indicates that he has pornographic photos of the two-year-old girl, Davis replied: “Oh f*ck yes”, “Wanna trade”?

Law enforcement recovered numerous images and videos containing child pornography from the smartphone belonging to Joel Davis, all which contained images and videos of infants and toddlers.

Joel Davis was advised his Miranda rights, waived those rights, and agreed to speak with law enforcement officers. Davis stated the following, in substance and in part:

Davis is the user associated with username “yngperv22” on the fetish website
Davis used his cellphone to exchange text messages with UC-1 and UC-2
Davis was in Manhattan, New York when he was exchanging text messages with UC-1 and UC-2
Davis confirmed that he was the person who traded child pornography on his cellphone
Davis keeps child pornography on his phone and is particularly interested in infants and toddlers
Davis confirmed that he asked UC-1 and UC-2 to send him photographs and videos of child pornography, inclusing that of the two-year-old daughter of UC-2’s girlfriend
Davis admitted that he was attempting to arrange meetings with UC-1 and UC-2 and their young daughters, including the two-year-old daughter of UC-2’s girlfriend. Davis told law enforcement officials that he wants to think he would not have shown up to those meetings, but admitted that he may have if he had been certain that UC-1 and UC-2 were not law enforcement; and
Davis said that in approximately June 2018, he met a 13-year-old boy on the cellular telephone app Grindr and communicated on Snapchat. Davis and the 13-year-old boy met in person at Davis’s apartment in Manhattan, New York, and engaged in oral sex and digital penetration.

The entire document can be viewed HERE.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman, in a statement from the FBI, called the case “sickening”. “The conduct alleged against Joel Davis is an unfathomable as it is sickening, and as this case demonstrates, law enforcement will keep its watchful eye on the darkest corners of the internet to bring predators to justice,” he said.

United Nations secretary general spokesman said Thursday that Mr. Davis had attended several UN events over the years and that UN officials were “appalled” by the allegations.

Joel Davis is currently being held WITHOUT bond at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan and has a hearing scheduled for July 10th.

In my previous article on Joel Davis’s arrest I’d included a link to a YouTube video of a TEDx Talk that Joel Davis held at Columbia University–where Davis was expected to graduate next spring. The video has since been deleted from YouTube. On the TEDxColumbiaUniversity website, it still shows Joel Davis as a speaker for April 22, 2018, but when you click the link to watch the video of the talk, it reroutes you to the YouTube video that has been removed.

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