Greta Thunberg Wannabe ‘Little Miss Flint’ is Reportedly Charged with 20-Year Felony for Threatening a School Shooting

15-year-old Greta Thunberg wannabe Mari Copeny, who goes by the moniker of “Little Miss Flint” and was interviewed by President Joe Biden last year, has allegedly been charged with a 20-year felony for threatening a school shooting in Grand Blanc, Mich.

Sources close to the school have confirmed to Big League Politics that the minor, whose identity is being hidden by authorities and the press, is in fact Copeny. She allegedly made the threat in a Snapchat post on Nov. 7 of last year.

“I’m gonna f*cking shoot up grandblanc highschool today at 9:16m,” the threat read.

That post can be seen here:

For some reason, it took months for charges to be filed despite the immediacy of the threat.

“I have repeatedly stated that making threats to shoot up a school is no joke,” Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said in a statement about the case on Tuesday. “This is a very serious matter, it is a felony charge and we do not condone such threats in any of our school.”

In addition to pushing the liberal line on climate change, Copeny is an aggressive student activist at her school pushing vaccine compliance and other tenets of the globalist Great Reset agenda.

Copeny has been groomed for quite some time as a Greta Thunberg-style youth phenomenon. She has received gushing profiles from the Michigan-based media, been touted as a national social justice star, and even been sniffed out by President Joe Biden.

MLive profiled Copeny for receiving the Billboard Music Awards Changemaker award last year.

“The Billboard Music Awards Changemaker honor is given to pop culture figures that speak truth to power through their commitment to individual action and leadership. They are socially conscious, politically aware, ever-present in their community and charitable with time, crucial resources and influence to improve the lives of others, the awards organization stated,” the profile stated.

Copeny was also invited to hobnob with Biden to spout cliched talking points in a nauseatingly choreographed interview.

“I can’t vote yet, but my generation is going to be impacted by the climate crisis more than any other generation before us,” Copeny told Biden last year. “What message do you have for the people who vote without the youth or greater good in mind?”

“We’re going to make sure that every single lead pipe in America is out,” Biden told Copeny. “We’re going to pay to have a new one put in in hundreds of thousands of homes.”

Now, the Left will have to promulgate a new child phenomenon after “Little Miss Flint” has flamed out. It is no surprise that the Democrats would exploit a troubled youth to advance their wicked agenda. It’s what they do best.

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