GRIFTER ALERT: Former Kyle Rittenhouse Lawyer Wants $2 Million Back

In what seems to be a near-perfect example that the love of money is the root of all evil, a stunning turn of events has rocked the trial saga of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who is currently on trial for the crime of defending himself against politically protected thugs during the Kenosha riots over a year ago.

According to The Hill, attorney Lin Wood, who was previously one of Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense lawyers but has since left to work on pursuing clarification regarding the 2020 election, sent a letter to Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder that was dated the 17th of September. In the letter, Wood sought to inform the Circuit Court Judge that should Rittenhouse be found not guilty of what many would describe as the politically-motivated charges brought against him in conjunction with his display of self-defense during the BLM-related riots in Kenosha last year, the $2 million in bail money is to be returned to the Fightback Foundation, the main non-profit organization involved in raising the bail money from volunteers.

This action has sparked considerable displeasure from several circles, most notably the Rittenhouse family themselves, most likely due to the fact that court proceedings against Kyle Rittenhouse have yet to be concluded. According to Wisconsin law, bail money of an acquitted party is to be returned to the legal person that posted the bail, which in this case would be the Fightback Foundation, within 30 days of the acquittal.

Many see the actions of Wood as more than a bit hasty for their taste. Indeed, the Rittenhouse family Twitter account, Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund, tweeted on this issue on the 21st of September to express their disappointment:

Needless to say, the Rittenhouse family are not happy campers this week.

In addition to Lin Wood, an avid Trump supporter, leaving the defense team, the Rittenhouse family also fired attorney John Pierce in February and have went on to accuse both Pierce and Wood of misusing part of the $2 million for other purposes that the money was not meant for. Should either Wood or Pierce turn out to be guilty of these accusations, it ill be yet another example of corruption and embezzlement on the part of high-flying attorneys.

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