Grifter Kim Klacik Says It Would Be ‘Socialism’ to Use Her $8 Million War Chest to Actually Help Republicans Win Elections

Former Republican Congressional candidate Kim Klacik says that it is “socialism” to use her war chest of $8 million to help Republicans win elections.

Klacik made the bizarre claim while defending how much money she raised in a district where she had no chance of winning in a social media post. She only received 28 percent of the vote in her 2020 special election and was crushed by incumbent Democrat Rep. Kweisi Mfume in the race for Maryland’s 7th U.S. House district, receiving a mere 28 percent of the vote.

“Should I just tell them now? I’ll tell them now. So, those of you that are mad that I made 8 million dollars in my campaign, well, I worked really hard and that’s how we made that money,” Klacik said.

“There are other candidates that didn’t make that money because they didn’t work as hard, but I know you want me for some reason to redistribute that wealth from my campaign to other candidates who have more of a winnable district,” she continued. 

“Well, guess what, that’s called socialism, and I have more news for you, you’re not a Republican. Stay out of my mentions. Thank you!” Klacik added.

The post can be seen here:

Klacik’s shameless grifting lends credence to the claims made by Daily Wire commentator Candace Owens. Owens slammed Klacik for her checkered past, which resulted in the failed congressional candidate slapping Owens with a defamation lawsuit in an attempt to shut her up.

Big League Politics reported on how much of Klacik’s immense campaign funds were funneled into the coffers of high-profile consultants:

Heading into 2022 and 2024, America First operatives should be careful dealing with campaigns run by grifters. 

Patrick Clerbune of VDARE put out an informative post that serves as a warning to all about the rampant corruption within Republican political consultant outfits. 

He highlighted a Washington Post piece detailing how donors gave more than $8 million to Kim Klacik, a black woman running as a Republican candidate in Maryland’s 7th district. In reality, the money donated to Klacik’s campaign went straight to the fat pockets of political consultants who knew full well that she couldn’t win…

Her campaign is an example of how some consulting firms are profiting handsomely from Republican candidates who have robust appeal in today’s politically charged environment…

By the end of Klacik’s campaign, she would raise a staggering $8.3 million and pay nearly $3.7 million of it to Olympic Media, according to campaign finance filings.”

Grifters like Klacik are a bane on the conservative movement. Her unwillingness to use her funds gained under a sleazy and disreputable pretense to help Republicans actually win elections says it all about her intentions.

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