Grifter Rick Haring Exposed for Corruption

Plaintiffs Rebecca Cartee-Haring and Dawn Marinello recently filed a lawsuit against Central Bucks school district in an attempt to shake it down for millions of dollars. 

Should this lawsuit be successful, it will have nasty implications for taxpayers and individuals living on fixed incomes.

According to conservative media outlet Broad + Liberty, Haring frequently files lawsuits against Central Bucks district. Her first lawsuit dealt with her lacrosse coaching job at CB West, where she was making $8,000 annually. Her contract was not renewed and she ended up suing to try to get the school district to cough up a $750,000 settlement. 

Since then, Cartee-Haring has left two other coaching positions. 

On top of that, the Central Bucks West principal sent a cease-and-desist email to Rebecca Cartee-Haring and her husband, Rick Haring. The two were ordered to steer clear of the coaching staff. 

The current lawsuit deals with “equal pay.” On September 1, 2023, Ed Mazurek, Cartee-Haring’s lawyer, put forward a settlement proposal of $119 million. In Mazurek’s case, he is expected to rake in a staggering $25-$37 million from this settlement. 

Mike Levin, a legal representative for the Pennsylvania School Board Association, is currently representing the Central Bucks district in this case. Levin has advised the Central Bucks School Board to not settle in this case. During a board meeting on September 12, Levin declared that the case has no merit

Even more curious, Rick Haring is running for a seat on the Central Bucks School Board. Rick Haring has posted on social media that he has no plans of recusing himself from the collective action lawsuit. Such actions would be a clear conflict of interest due to how his family would acquire a financial gain from the settlement at the district’s and taxpayers’ expense. 

At the board meeting, Levin noted that in order to pay the $119 million settlement Cartee-Haring’s legal counsel is demanding, Central Bucks would have to impose tax hikes or carry out massive cuts in staff and services. 

At the end of the day, there are no free lunches in politics. Someone has to pay for any form of government largesse. 

For the taxpayers of Central Bucks School District’s sake, hopefully this sham of a lawsuit is thrown out.

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