Guardian: Leader of Neo-Nazi Group Accused of Plotting to Storm Virginia Capitol is a Military Contractor

Earlier this week, Big League Politics reported that at least one federal informant ordered an act of anti-Semitic vandalism within neo-Nazi group The Base, which was accused of plotting acts of terror at the Virginia Capitol before Monday’s gun rights rally.

Now, The Guardian has revealed that the founder and the leader of the group was a deep state spook who operated a military intelligence firm that likely contracted with the federal government.

The Base was founded by 46-year-old Rinaldo Nazzaro, who often goes under the aliases of “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf.” Until his public unmasking, members of The Base were not made aware of his true identity. They certainly were not made aware of Nazzaro’s history as a military, intelligence and security contractor, although certain members suspected that something was awry.

Nazzaro reportedly began recruiting people to “The Base,” which is the English translation of al-Qaida, in late 2018. His last address is listed as being New Jersey, but The Guardian speculates that Nazzaro may operate out of Russia with his Russian wife.

The article noted that Nazzaro has largely stayed silent, with no presence on social media and no writings published to his name. He told his members in chat rooms to attend real-life meetings and training camps, making it easier for members to be doxxed and exposed. Their internal chats have been released to ANTIFA, the hate group’s left-wing equivalent.

When Nazzaro appeared on a white nationalist radio show under an alias, he claimed that his aims were “achieving independence, realizing the ultimate goal which is an independent nation state in the Pacific north-west, an ethnostate.” Nazzaro’s activities have provided fodder for the federal government to use to institute their crackdown against right-wing dissidents in the age of Trump.

“We have a significant increase in racially motivated violent extremism in the United States and, I think, a growing increase in white nationalism and white supremacy extremist movements,” Jay Tabb, the head of national security for the FBI, said at an event in Washington recently.

Before he founded The Base, Nazarro advertised himself as a government and military contractor with years of experience in the field collecting intelligence. He is the principal for Omega Solutions International (OSI), a company offering security and intelligence services.

Before it was taken down, OSI’s website claimed they offered “experience conducting intelligence analysis for government agencies, military organizations, and private businesses.” They have a Cage Code, or Commercial and Government Entity Code, which is given to contractors for Government and Defense agencies in Washington D.C. Certain Base members have suspected their leader to be a fed for quite some time, resulting in several individuals leaving the organization.

Richard Tobin, another Base member, has accused Nazarro of being a Russian spy. Tobin is awaiting trial after being charged with coordinating vandalism against synagogues in Wisconsin and Michigan. The prosecuting assistant US attorney in the case has confirmed that Tobin believes Nazarro is an asset of Russia.

“I have confirmed that I am on the FBI terrorism watch list. I mean, that doesn’t really matter in the context of the training. What matters is that I’m on it,” Nazarro said in April about why he was planning to skip out on a July training session.

As Big League Politics has noted, there are many cases in which the feds have put terrorists, hate-mongers and extremists on their payroll in order to manipulate public opinion. It looks as if The Base could be another case of the deep state creating the terror threat it needs to maintain their grasp on power.

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