Guatemalan Official Warns About Migrant Caravans Potentially Flooding the Southern Border Right Before the Midterms  

According to Guatemala’s Interior Minister Napoleon Barrientos, a large migrant caravan will make an attempt to reach the United States right before the 2022 midterms. 

In an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation, Barrientos believes that migrants recognize that a likely Republican victory in the midterms will spoil their chances to move freely across the border. For that reason, migrants will try to flood the border in the next week and a half before the midterms. 

Republicans have ostensibly vowed to support measures that enhance border security should they take back both chambers of Congress. 

“We have information that caravans will be coming in the next few weeks, particularly before the date of November 8. So we’re doing operations in our borders to stop the flow migration,” Barrientos stated.

“The information that these migrant caravans have is that after that date, policies will be hardened,” he stated.

To prepare for the arrival of caravans, Guatemala has conducted military drills with neighbors like Mexico, who also have had to deal with caravans in the past. 

This is just another day at the office for countries in Central America. Mass migration has greatly impacted this region due to the magnet that is the American economy and its lavish welfare state. Combine that with a lax border policy on the US’s part, you have all the makings for a perennial migration crisis. 

Instead of obsessing about what’s going on in Ukraine or in the South China Sea, the US needs to start focusing on Western Hemispheric affairs. The current mass migration crisis that the US is facing is one that’s existential in nature and could fundamentally alter the national character of the country if this question is not addressed properly. 

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