Gubernatorial Loser Andrew Gillum Joins CNN

Andrew Gillum Joins CNN

After losing his hotly contested bid to become governor of the state of Florida to Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, Andrew Gillum is taking a new job working for CNN.

In its latest transparently partisan hiring spree, CNN became the new home to former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Gillum, a Democrat who promised to raise Florida’s corporate tax and increase the pay of teachers, has been dogged with scandals and controversies since his campaign’s inception.

A clandestine recording released by Project Veritas showed one campaign staffer claiming Gillum’s entire campaign was based on lies to voters, admitting that raising Florida’s corporate tax to 11 per cent and paying public school teachers $50,000 per year were both unrealistic and “will never happen.”

Gillum was also caught red handed lying to the FBI about receiving tickets to the Broadway musical Hamilton, an act that has landed prominent conservatives including Paul Manafort behind bars.

Maintaining his status as a partisan Democrat mere hours after announcing his move to the left wing cable news network, Gillum wrote on Twitter that Stacy Abrams would be the perfect person to offer the Democrats’ rebuttal to President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union Address, tweeting “We’re with you, Sis!” (READ MORE: Democrat Response To Trump’s SOTU: Socialist Stacy Abrams)

On the same day as Gillum’s announcement that he joined CNN, the often controversial cable news network hired three #NeverTrump castaways from the deceased globalist publication The Weekly Standard. This latest hiring spree confirms CNN’s total commitment to being a never ending source of biased reporting created for the sole purpose of smearing President Trump.

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