Guess Who’s Going to the White House? Kim Kardashian’s Secret Plans to Meet With Trump Wednesday

In a surprising turn of events, reality television celebrity, Kim Kardashian West, plans to sit down with President Trump Wednesday afternoon to have a serious discussion about – prison reform.

Vanity Fair first reported that the star of the E! entertainment series, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” plans to arrive arrive late Wednesday afternoon where, “Secret Service agents will wave Kardashian and her attorney through the southwest appointment gate to the West Wing, where they will meet [Jared] Kushner to discuss prison reform before he walks with them to sit down with President Donald Trump, likely in the Oval Office, along with White House counsel.”

Kardashian West, who supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, reportedly has spent months in back-channel negotiations with President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, whose own father spent time in prison on tax evasion charges. The celebrity hopes to convince President Trump to pardon a woman serving a life-sentence for a drug crime.

The meeting is a stunner. The reality celeb said that she was “worried” people would think she shared the political beliefs of her husband, who recently went on a tweet storm of “love” for the president:

Now, after being worried that consorting with Donald Trump would hurt her image, she’s boarding a private jet and traveling across the country:

And hitting up Trump for a favor on his turf.

She also stands to defy the couple’s on-again-off-again friends, rapper Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, for taking the meeting with Trump. Earlier this month rapper Meek Mill no-showed his White House meeting on prison reform when Jay-Z talked him out of it, warning it would be “problematic for his image and the cause.”

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Trump once was a member-in-good-standing of the celebrity glitterati when he was ‘only’ a successful billionaire and TV personality. As a Republican president, however, the leftist political calculus made him celebrity kryptonite.

But as Kanye did before her and Kardashian West may prove Wedesday, the bigoted personal biases of a Jay-Z are less important than getting stuff done.

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