Gun-Free Zone in Pensacola Makes U.S. Sailors Soft Targets for Mass Shooters

The U.S. Naval Air Station Pensacola shooting caught many by surprise, given the location of the shooting.

How could three people at a military facility fall victim to a mass shooting?

According to an Associated Press report, the murderer — Saudi Arabian national Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani— was taken out by two Escambia County Sheriff deputies, not military personnel.

Thankfully, law enforcement responded rapidly to prevent further casualties.

Andrew J. Sciascia highlighted that a policy order from the Navy Installations Command mandates that base and similar military installations be gun-free zones.

This is line with gun-free zone policies that have been established throughout America during the last few decades.

Strangely enough, the same people who defend American’s freedoms are stripped of their Second Amendment rights in these facilities.

The policy order specifically says “state issued ‘concealed weapons permits’ are not recognized on any Navy installation.”

For those who want to carry a firearm at U.S. Naval Air Station Pensacola, they must jump through numerous bureaucratic hoops to lawfully carry.

Those who would like to bring a firearm on-site are required to cut through a sea of red tape in order to obtain the necessary approval.

“Prior to bringing a firearm onboard an installation, the owner must submit a letter to the installation commanding officer via his or her unit commanding officer,” the order stipulates. “Upon approval by the installation commanding officer, the owner will be provided a card showing proof that he or she is authorized to carry a personal firearm.”

But it doesn’t stop there.

This regulation also recquiress that “personnel who have firearms on board an installation are required to update their information cards annually.”

Even after going through so much bureaucratic rigamarole, the approved firearm must still be transported “unloaded and secured with a trigger lock” with the ammo in a secure location that is far away from the gun owner.

Despite receiving intense training and being extensively vetted, American military personnel must still comply with draconian gun control.

No one is exempt from America’s gun control insanity, even our bravest and most qualified frontline defenders.

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