Gun Murders in Sweden Reach Record Levels in 2022

On December 19, 2022, the Swedish government revealed that the number of firearms-related murders in the country reached record levels this year. 

“The number of fatal shootings has increased and has reached another bloody peak this year,” declared Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer. Per Strömmer, 60 people have been killed in firearms related incidents thus far in 2022.

2022’s firearms homicide numbers leapfrogged 2021’s prior record of 48. According to a previous Reuters report, there were 61 areas in Sweden, “all with a high proportion of immigrants, listed by police as risk areas for rising gang violence.”

Denes Albert noted that among Sweden’s Scandinavian counterparts such as Denmark, Finland, and Norway, there were 4, 2, and 4 homicides committed with firearms respectively. 

The majority of gun violence taking place in Sweden is being blamed on the country’s growing migrant population. In 2020, then-Deputy National Police Chief Mats Löfving claimed there are 40 migrant clans actively committing crimes in Sweden, and they are allegedly responsible for committing the bulk of the country’s recent surge in violent crime.

“These clans have come to Sweden solely to organize crime. They work to create power, they have a great capacity for violence, and they want to make money. And they do that through drug crimes, violent crimes, and extortion,” said Löfving during an appearance on Swedish television.

On top of that, government figures show that roughly all 5,000 gang members operating in Sweden are either first- or second-generation immigrants.

Strömmer stressed that the country’s growing gun violence issues have broader societal implications.

“No decent society can accept that every week someone is shot dead in the open streets,” Strömmer stated.

Due to Sweden’s alarming increase in violent crime, German news outlets such as Bild have already classified it as the “most dangerous country in Europe.”

“In the EU, an average of eight people per 1 million are victims of fatal violence. In Sweden, the number in 2020 was 12 people per 1 million inhabitants. When it comes to the victims of firearms, the difference between Europe and Sweden is even greater. In the EU, an average of 1.6 people per million die from gunshot wounds — in Sweden the figure is four, almost three times as many,” a Bild report  outlined in 2021.

Sweden, like the rest of the Collective West, is facing the scourge of mass migration firsthand. The result has been  a gradual erasure of its native culture, an overburdened welfare state, and growing crime among its migrant population. If the West doesn’t get its immigration problems sorted out, these societies will devolve into unstable polities marked by multicultural despotism and mass alienation. 

This entire nightmare scenario could be avoided through commonsense immigration restriction.

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