Gun Owners Foundation Celebrated 40-Year Anniversary of Defending Americans’ Gun Rights

On April 28, 2023, the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) celebrated its forty year anniversary of defending Americans’ gun rights in the American legal system. GOF is a sister organization to Gun Owners of America (GOA), a national nonprofit grassroots lobbying organization that takes a no compromise stance with regards to the Second Amendment.  In other words, it works to dismantle the gun control regulatory state that has taken control of the federal government and various state governments.

In a press release celebrating this anniversary, GOF listed off several of its accomplishments in the last four decades: 

  • Filed thousands of FOIA requests, 
  • Filed thousands of amicus briefs, including in major cases such as Heller, McDonald and Bruen, and 
  • Filed hundreds of legal challenges to executive actions and legislation at the federal and state level. 

GOF’s FOIA requests have discovered malicious activity taking place at federal agencies, which includes the ATF’s partial gun registration which consists of roughly 1 billion firearm transaction records, in addition to m the FBI’s Self Indices NICS form, which was illegally established, thereby allowing Americans to effectively sign away their right to bear arms.  

Currently, GOF has multiple legal cases pending in federal and state courts, which includes challenges to the Biden Pistol Brace Ban,  the Biden Ghost Gun/Frame and receiver Rule, the New York Concealed Carry Improvement Act, and Oregon Measure 114

GOF also presides over a student-based education group, 2A Defenders, that has the goal of educating  college students about the text, history, and tradition of their Second Amendment Rights. Erich Pratt, the Senior Vice President of GOF, put out  the following statement:    

GOF’s mission laid out by our founder H.L. Richardson has been clear from the beginning – to restore the Second Amendment and ensure that its rights and privileges shall not be infringed. Whether from our FOIA requests, briefs, or direct legal challenges, our work has been invaluable to lawmakers, judges, and the public at large, and we will never stop as the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Sam Paredes, the treasures of the board for GOF, continued: 

Especially at a time when our God-given rights face a seemingly endless assault from anti-gunners, our work at GOF is ever more critical. As we’ve been saying to those who disregard freedoms – fall in line, or we will make you.

GOA’s and GOF’s efforts should be commended. Without them, successful movements like Constitutional Carry would not exist. Hopefully, more gun owners join the ranks of GOA to ensure that our gun rights stay intact while also expanding second Amendment freedoms in other areas.

Patriotic gun owners can support GOA and GOF here and here, respectively.

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