Gun Owners of America Counsel Urges Trump to Avoid Passing Gun Control

In an article in The Daily Caller, legislative counsel of Gun Owners of America, Michael Hammond, warns that the Trump administration’s’ lackluster record on the Second Amendment could hurt Trump’s reelection chances in 2020.

Hammond references several events that have taken place in the last few weeks.

The GOA legislative counsel pointed to Attorney General William Barr’s “creation of a working group to consider ways to enforce the Lautenberg misdemeanor gun ban.”

In Hammond’s view, the Lautenberg ban is an ex post facto law “that was a major victory for gun control groups” and also “imposed a lifetime gun ban for a “crime” as minor as spanking your kid or spitting on your husband.

Some groups like Georgia Gun Owners argue that this law has denied more Americans their right to self-defense than any other piece of gun control legislation on the books.

The GOA representative also criticized the Trump administration’s bump stock ban which makes “roughly 500,000 bump stock owners” outlaws.

There are now talks of some Republicans trying to work with Democrats on certain gun control issues such as “red flag” gun confiscation orders.

BLP reported on Lindsey Graham’s efforts to craft a red flag bill along with anti-gun Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Hammond notes that caving in to gun control does Trump no good.

He argues that “the surest way for Trump to lose is for his supporters to assume that it is impossible for him to lose.”

In 2018, Democrats spent $5.4 billion in electing candidates. According to Hammond, “a flip of only 55,000 votes in 18 districts would have left control in the hands of the Republicans.”

In essence, Republicans could still win future elections thanks to these tight margins.

However, gun control appeasement might not be the smartest strategy to achieve that.

Hammond notes that supporting gun control will not “send students and suburban women flocking to him” because these groups already hate Trump as it is.

Because of this compromising, gun owners might decide to stay home, which in turn makes it harder for Trump and other Republicans to close the gap in certain competitive districts.

Apart from electoral implications, accepting gun control will only beget more gun control.

The Left is relentless and is never satisfied with gun control that is passed under Republicans’ watch.

Trump should at least stick to his nominally pro-gun platform and resist the urge of implementing any additional form of gun control.

In this case, doing nothing is the best course of action.

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