Gun Owners of America Endorsed Bill to Cut Funding from Federal Gun Control Efforts

Gun Owners of America announced on February 11, 2021 that it will be strongly endorsing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene filed that very day.

Under this bill, all federal funding for the implementation, enforcement, or advancement of gun control would be cut. On top of that, funds for “guidance” by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) issued following November 1, 2020 would be banned.

Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs for GOA, declared, “President Biden has promised to take on gun owners and pursue the most aggressive gun control agenda in history. He’s vowed to attack the gun rights of seniors, ban the distribution of 3D printed gun files, and target pistol braced firearms and 80 percent receivers. However, the Second Amendment Preservation Act cuts at the heart of the enforcement of any legislation by any agency — through cutting its funding — and prevents any of Biden’s measures from going into effect.”

“This legislation harmonizes with the clear mandate of ‘shall not be infringed’ in the Second Amendment and gives gun owners a tool to peaceably fight back against unconstitutional gun control measures,” Johnston continued.

Taylor Greene is following through with her campaign promises to work diligently to roll back unconstitutional gun control measures. So far, Congressmen Paul Gosar, Randy Weber, Scott Perry, Madison Cawthorn, Thomas Massie, and Chip Roy have joined Taylor Greene as cosponsors of the bill. Republicans will have to recognize that Taylor Greene is one of the few people that’s actually pushing the envelope.

Virtue signaling their opposition against her just to gain brownie points is Bush era politics that has no business in the present-day Republican Party. Taylor Greene is the future of the Republican Party and leadership would be wise to recognize this.

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