Gun Owners of America Opposes Credit Card Companies’ Latest Attack Against Gun Retailers

On September 12, 2022, Gun Owners of America announced its opposition to a new plan by credit card giants to reclassify transactions realized at firearms stores. Under this new plan, these firearms-related transactions would have their own specialized business code.

Civilian disarmament proponents believe that this campaign will help with the enforcement of current laws directed against gun trafficking and other crimes. However, GOA is of a different view here.

By drawing on the way financial institutions and federal agencies have treated the firearms industry historically speaking, GOA believes that “this system will only grow more intrusive and likely be abused.”

Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, made the following statement:

This is just the latest attempt by anti-gun lunatic activists to pressure corporations into collecting their own business partners’ data in a way that threatens their privacy, as well as the privacy of the millions of customers who rely on these services for electronic transactions each year. Make no mistake, if the credit card companies were willing to so quickly cave on this demand, the mob will only demand more, leading us down a dark path where guns and ammo transactions, which are protected by the Second Amendment, are frequently halted and consistently flagged for the authorities.

The current battle the Right is facing goes beyond the private sector vs public sector dichotomy. It’s a struggle against a regime – academia, business, culture, government, etc. — that is categorically hostile to the historic American nation and the culture it represents.

This anti-American regime will do everything possible with its private sector and public sector levers to undermine people’s freedoms. For the Right to truly preserve its culture and the liberties it cherishes, it will need to use the same amount of  private and public pressure, if not more, to keep nefarious companies and government agencies in check.


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