Gun-Toting ANTIFA Thugs Intimidate Protesters Outside of Drag Queen Child Grooming Event in Texas

Gun-wielding ANTIFA thugs brandished firearms outside of a drag queen children’s event in order to intimidate protesters who oppose the grooming exercise.

Last weekend, the Anderson Distillery and Grill in the Dallas-Fort Worth area hosted the “Barrel Babes Drag Brunch,” which was advertised as an all ages event where kids could be exposed to scantily clad perverts gyrating for dollars.

Protect Texas Kids and the Texas Family Project encouraged a campaign to get the venue to raise the age limit for the event. After the Anderson Distillery and Grill refused to safeguard the innocence of children, they staged a protest outside of the event.

This is when the ANTIFA terrorists showed up to defend the child-grooming event with force.

Some scenes from the depraved and despicable event can be seen here:

“At Anderson Distillery and Grill, their Sunday afternoon consisted of kids looking up the skirts of scantily clad, grown, perverted men and kids putting cash into the spandex of said individuals. The Texas Family Project was on the front lines,” said Texas Family Project President Chris Hopper, who helped organize the protest.

“We saw firsthand the chaos that ensued, This sexualized and grotesque event encouraged kids of all ages to show up and participate. Remember, the only thing necessary for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing! Texans, rip your heads out of the sand and get involved,” he added.

Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton (R–Royse City) has vowed to work on legislation that will ban these sort of events and safeguard children from the demonic LGBT agenda.

Big League Politics has reported on the nationwide trend of children being exposed to drag queen debauchery under the guise of tolerance and understanding:

Shocking new video has emerged of children dancing at a drag queen show in Miami, Fla., which shows how youth are being targeted for induction into the LGBT lifestyle.

Social media influencer Angela Stanton-King drew attention to the drag show that took place at the Palace gay club in Miami involving little girls.

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