GUNS SAVE LIVES: Armed Robber Shot By Law Abiding Customer at McDonald’s

Last week, an armed customer at a McDonalds in Houston shot a would be robber in the midst of an attempted robbery.

“Police said a customer shot a robber who pointed a gun at a McDonald’s employee in northwest Houston,” according to KPRC. “A couple got involved to help, and one man pulled out his own gun and shot the robber, police said.”

According to the report, the wounded robber fled on foot, only to be caught, arrested and taken to a local hospital.

The gun control lobby would have Americans believe that firearms serve no useful purpose and can only endanger the lives of innocent people. That same lobby will never account for incidents like these, in which violence is prevented by law-abiding gun owners.

In fact, according to the Heritage Foundation, there is “no clear relationship between strict gun control legislation and homicide or violent crime rates.” According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, countries with high rates of gun ownership tend to have lower homicide rates.

Facts, though, are often lost on the gun control crowd.

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