Has Giorgia Meloni Become a Pro-NATO Shill?

When Giorgia Meloni came out victorious on September 26, 2022 during Italy’s national elections, there was a general sense of optimism in international right-wing circles that Meloni would usher in an alternative model to the globalist dominated European Union. 

Unfortunately, on the issue of the Russo-Ukrainian War, Meloni appears to be towing the NATO and EU line with regards to this conflict.

A recent audio leak of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has further confirmed Meloni’s submission to the EU and the US’s agenda on foreign policy matters. 

In the audio leak, the leader of the  Forza Party, said that Ukraine “provoked” Russia’s military incursion into the country on February 24. 

Meloni sharply criticized Berlusconi’s comments on October 19 and said that his position in a right-wing coalition government would be in jeopardy if he continues toeing a “pro-Putin line’ on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

“Italy will never be the weak link of the West with us in government,” Meloni declared. 

La Presse agency published the audio clip. Throughout the audio, Berlusconi called  Russian President Putin an “old friend” while blaming Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky for instigating the current conflict by “tripling the attacks” against pro-Russian separatists in Donbas, which has been a part of a broader conflict that has engulfed Ukraine since the Euromaidan Revolution of 2014.

“The Republics of the Donbas eventually sent a delegation to Moscow and told Putin: ‘Please, defend us!’,” Berlusconi stated. “Putin was against any initiative but he was under a big pressure from the Russian people and so he invented this special operation: The plan was that his troops had to enter Ukraine, overthrow Zelenskiy and replace him with a government formed by a Ukrainian minority, formed by honest, sensible people.’”

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge cited an English translation of Berlusconi’s statements that were covered in The Guardian

Berlusconi added that when the Russian military invaded Ukraine, they were “faced with a situation Putin could not have predicted, of resistance from the Ukrainians who started receiving money and weapons from the west. And the special operation became a 200-year war.”

The former PM, who was previously recorded as saying he was one of the Russian leader’s top five friends, said he can’t see how Putin and Zelenskiy can sit at a negotiating table.

Berlusconi believes Zelensky is unwilling to facilitate ceasefire talks. 

“Because there’s no possible way. Zelenskiy, in my view … forget about it, I can’t say,” Berlusconi added.

“There are no real leaders in the West”,  Berlusconi proclaimed. “I can make you smile, the only true leader is me.”

While Berlusconi is no paragon of good governance and principled nationalism, his instincts on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict are on point. Meloni would be wise to ignore the calls for escalating the conflict in Ukraine that are generally coming from Brussels, London, and Washington. Prolonging the Russo-Ukrainian conflict will only lead to unnecessary suffering and loss of life.

Should Meloni continue to carry out the globalist agenda, her movement will just become the latest in right-wing movements that get co-opted by the ruling class — a scene that is all-too familiar for people who have used dissident politics to break up the uniparty consensus in DC.

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