Has YouTube’s Censorship Contributed to Rumble’s Growing Popularity? 

Earlier in January, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovki said during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson that YouTube’s “nefarious” censorship efforts have helped spur Rumble’s growth. 

Pavlovski mentioned receiving a call from former California Congressman Devin Nunes, who asked about the platform’s features. Nunes subsequently set up an account and began uploading content on Rumble. 

“Next thing you know, within a couple of months, he gets a couple of hundred thousand subscribers on his Rumble channel. Meanwhile, on YouTube and he’s been on there for four years…he only has 10,000,” Pavlovski stated.

At the time Nunes joined Rumble, the alternative media platform was just rolling out and it had a very humble following, Pavlovski observed, adding “this should not have happened.”

“You can call it whatever you want. Censorship, shadow-banning…the fact that an elected official could get significantly more subscribers on a platform that no one’s ever heard of in two months, and he can’t get more than 12,000 in four years on YouTube, that’s a problem,” Pavlovski added.

Carlson asked him if he thought Nunes was being censored on YouTube because of political affiliations.

“Something was happening, definitely, and it was happening right before the elections,” he said. Pavlovski stated that Nunes’ success on Rumble made his company realize that there was something “really nefarious going on when it comes to censorship.”

Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net noted that “Shortly after, conservative commentator Dan Bongino also joined and had similar success. He amassed more subscribers on Rumble than on YouTube in a few months.”

Indeed, alternative media platforms are the only hope for genuine dissident content to thrive. The YouTubes and Facebooks of the world have clearly failed to be free speech platforms. The beauty of the market is that it facilitates competition and innovation. With the right social media reforms that rein in Big Tech and policies that allow for social media alternatives to emerge and supplant the current set of Big Tech titans. 

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