HATE HOAX: Police Say Social Justice Warrior Who Reported Racist Campus Threats Made Them Herself

A former master’s student has been arrested and charged with reporting fake racist threats against herself and other campus leaders at her former university.

Anayeli DominguezPena, a 25-year-old woman from Ontario, California, reported that she received a series of threats via social media and email last year. She also claimed that a smoking backpack was left in her car and a man wearing a ski mask accosted her on campus.

Classes were cancelled due to the allegations of the smoking backpack and a hate crime investigation was launched.

“The hateful actions are despicable and the incident is an affront to our values as a university. This is a critical moment for us to stand up for justice and declare that no one in our community will tolerate this type of behavior on our campuses,” University of La Verne President Devorah Lieberman and Provost Jonathan Reed wrote following the report.

Students at La Verne held a big virtue-signalling protest to stand in solidarity with DominguezPena after she made her allegations.

“Every day on this campus, we have to deal with a toxic environment from students, staff and faculty that are not culturally competent and don’t understand the terms of intersectionality,” said Jasmine Marchbanks, a second-year graduate student, at the rally.

“Discrimination and prejudice are systematic at La Verne. The lack of awareness and microaggressions students face on campus create a toxic academic and social environment,” the diversity mob group Students With a Voice wrote in a letter of demands to La Verne administrators.

Now, it has been determined by police that DominguezPena created a series of hate hoaxes to drive her agenda of diversity and multiculturalism. She allegedly threatened herself and student group leaders because of a leftist political agenda.

The La Verne Police Department issued an announcement on Monday noting that DominguezPena has been charged with four crimes including a felony count for criminal threats, a felony count of perjury for filing a false claim to receive state victim compensation benefits, a misdemeanor count for electronic impersonation, and six misdemeanor counts for filing false police reports.

“The investigation concluded that the suspect acted alone and no other members of the student group were involved with the criminal acts,” the police wrote in their press release.

“One of the victims associated with these cases was another student leader of the threatened group who did not appear to have any knowledge of the suspect’s actions. Other victims associated with these cases are a fraternity at the University of La Verne and the fraternity’s president,” law enforcement added.

If DominguezPena is convicted of the crimes, she could face up to eight years in prison.

“I think she was trying to instigate some racial issues within the university,” La Verne Police Chief Nick Paz said. “She was sending messages to certain people and the comments that were being sent were of a racial nature.”

This case seems to fit the pattern of hate hoaxes that have been staged all over the country since the election of President Donald Trump. Leftists will stoop to any level in order to manipulate the public into supporting their totalitarian agenda.

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