Hawaiian Journalist and GOP Political Candidate Nick Ochs is Arrested for Covering Capitol Siege

Hawaiian journalist and former Republican Party political candidate Nick Ochs has been arrested for covering the siege on the U.S. Capitol that took place earlier this week.

Ochs made it clear while commenting to CNN that he covered the protest as a journalist, like many reporters did inside the Capitol. However, he is being targeted due to his association with the pro-Western fraternal group, the Proud Boys.

Big League Politics reached out to Proud Boys founder Enrique Tarrio, who expressed his deep dismay with the situation.

“First and foremost, I’d like to say that I and the rest of the Proud Boys stand firmly shoulder to shoulder with Nick. Nick did nothing wrong. He walked in after people broke in. He was there to report on the ground what happened, and he was doing that. There was very little reception. They were trying to go live,” Tarrio explained.

Tarrio said that Ochs is not a domestic terrorist or a violent threat, but a patriotic family man who is civically active and loves his community.

Ochs is merely being charged with trespassing in a federal building.

“We are praying for our brother and we are going to fight for him because there is nothing anyone can do, and the media can spin this any way they want, because at the end of the day Nick is a great person. He has a very supportive wife, and we will stand with him no matter what,” Tarrio said.

A picture of Ochs inside the Capitol can be seen here:



This is not the first time that Ochs has been attacked by the regime for his activism, as Big League Politics has reported:

Hawaiian state house candidate Nick Ochs has been removed from the Facebook platform in yet another blatant case of electoral interference by the social media giant.

Ochs, who is running as a Republican for Hawaii House District 22, was removed from Facebook despite never violating the platform’s terms of service. He was presumably banned because of his membership in the Proud Boys, a pro-Trump fraternal organization that is widely slandered as a white supremacist group.

“It was just done without warning and now they’ve interfered with election. My opponent has a huge advantage that I don’t. He can put his message out where people will see it and I can’t and the Democrats are cheering this on,” Ochs told KITV.

The Democrats have cheered on the corporate censorship of their opposition, claiming that Ochs deserved the ban because he does not support transgender children and other LGBTP atrocities.

“This isn’t a political issue, this is a moral issue, this is about what we as a community stand for and we as welcoming people of Hawaii believe in,” said Tyler Dos Santos-Tam, who serves as chairman of the Hawaii Democratic Party.

“I hope the voters know that this does not represent Hawaii values and more importantly that they exercise their right to vote and reject this racism, bigotry, and hateful ideology,” said Ochs’ Democrat opponent Adrian Tam.

Ochs noted that he is in a mixed-race marriage and has no history of racism or bigotry.

“I’m happy to talk to anyone. And again, I am either the world’s worst racist, or I’m not a racist. You have to acknowledge that a white supremacist does not marry a black woman and have a mixed family, that is not what that word means and the people that are throwing it around are disingenuous,” Ochs said.

Ochs spoke with Big League Politics to reiterate his disgust with the entire situation.

“I just find it pretty rich that the same crowd that has the utmost concern about election interference and are complaining it’s a rampant problem do not seem to care that my Facebook account was removed without any violations and without any notice,” Ochs said to Big League Politics.

“Facebook has their so-called “Dangerous Persons” list, and they have elected to put me on it, and it doesn’t matter if my constituents are disenfranchised. Facebook is basically the only place I can reach them and now they will be denied representation and a choice because of this election,” he added.

A crowdfunding platform has been set up to free Ochs that can be accessed at this link: http://givesendgo.com/freenick.

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