Henry Kissinger Says that Ukraine Joining NATO Is a Dangerous Ideas

Former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said that the United States Deep States’ efforts to have Ukraine join NATO following the dissolution of the Soviet Union were not wise foreign policy maneuvers.

On September 30, 2022  at the Council on Foreign Relations, Kissinger stated that “it was not a wise American policy to attempt to include Ukraine into NATO.”

Kissinger stated that Russia treated its sphere of influence in Eastern Europe as a “safety belt” and US machinations to incorporate former Soviet Union states into the NATO fold would be treated as threats to Russia’s security interests. 

He, however, claimed that the US-led move to encroach on former member states of the Soviet Union did not justify Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine. 

Kissinger said he does not know if peace can be made with Russia, but emphasized the West “must seek an opportunity for an arrangement that guarantees Ukrainian freedom” and also makes sure that it remains a part of the European system. 

Additionally, Kissinger added that Russia has “already lost the war” due to its ability to threaten Europe with conventional attacks, “has now been demonstrably overcome.”

Nevertheless, Kissinger emphasized that the Collective West and Russia must return to dialogue and other diplomatic interactions. “Some dialogue, maybe on an unofficial level, maybe in an exploratory way is very important,” he added that “in the nuclear environment” this kind of an outcome would be preferable to a “battlefield decision.” 

Back in August, Kissinger blamed the US government’s lack of strategic vision for nearly sleepwalking the world over the edge of “war with Russia and China”.

Kissinger is 99 years of age. He has been a pillar of American foreign affairs for multiple decades. His relatively realist foreign policy views distinguished himself from the more fanatic neoconservative/neoliberal interventionist elements of US foreign policy decision-making.

While he’s no principled non-interventionist, America First nationalists would easily choose having Kissinger as an opponent instead of any individual from the neocon/neoliberal cabal.

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