Henry Repeating Arms Donated $25,000 to Border Patrol Foundation

Firearms manufacturer Henry Repeating Arms recently donated $25,000 to the Border Patrol Foundation (BPF). The organization did so as a sign of support for the organization’s mission to commemorate the memory of deceased United States Border Patrol agents and supply immediate financial aid to their families

BPF was founded in 2009 and currently provides financial aid to Border Patrol agents and Border Patrol support personnel who are wounded, injured or have fallen ill while on the job.  

Their family members also receive financial support while children of fallen Border Patrol agents receive scholarships.

“Henry Repeating Arms’ donation will make a very significant impact to our critical mission,” declared Rowdy Adams, President of Border Patrol Foundation. “BPF is very thankful for the support and looks forward to a long-lasting relationship with Henry Repeating Arms. The generous donation supports our commitment to ‘Honoring the Memory. Serving the Families.’”

The donation forms a part of Henry Repeating Arms’ broader $1 million Silver Anniversary pledge that its charitable branch Guns for Great Causes carries out.  Henry Repeating Arms has a long track record of supporting law enforcement agencies  The company has donated $275,000 to organizations backing law enforcement personnel and their families since June 2022, which includes Tunnel to Towers, Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), First Responders Children’s Foundation, and similar orgs.

“We are proud to help support the Border Patrol Foundation so they can continue to be there for the families of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day at our borders,” declared Anthony Imperato, Founder and CEO of Henry Repeating Arms. “I cannot imagine the anguish of a family that loses a loved one in the line of duty, and we hope this donation can go on to help ease some of the financial burdens and provide greater opportunities for their children.”

Henry’s check presentation took place at the BPF’s Southwest Soirée event in conjunction with the Border Security Expo in El Paso, Texas. Henry Repeating Arms representatives and dealers Clark Sanders and his daughter Martha Kaye Sanders of Big Sandee’s Guns in Sedan, Kansas, presented the check to BPF.

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