Here’s What John McCain And Lindsey Graham Said When Trump Got Elected

John McCain, Facebook

WASHINGTON — Big League Politics can exclusively report what Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham said to each other immediately after learning that Donald Trump won the presidential election back in November.

The neoconservative senators were watching the results come in together, according to a knowledgeable source. When it became clear that Trump was the winner over Hillary Clinton, the disappointed senators exchanged the following dialogue:

GRAHAM: “Well, now we’re going to have to deal with this guy for four years.”

MCCAIN: “No. He’s going to have to deal with us.”

Both establishment Republicans were clearly rooting for Clinton to beat Trump on election night. While Graham appeared somewhat willing to compromise with the new president-elect, McCain’s response made it clear that he had no intention of helping the Trump presidency succeed.

Both neocons have stayed true to their obstructionist designs. Graham and McCain fought Trump tooth and nail on the unsubstantiated theory that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians during the election cycle. That conspiracy theory has served as the basis of absurd Senate committee hearings and now an investigation — led by establishment Republicans — in the House Intelligence Committee.

Fellow neoconservative establishment Republican Marco Rubio has also gone along for the ride on Russia.

McCain and Graham appear happier now that they’ve dragged the Trump administration into military conflict with Syria, an ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Trump’s bombing of Syrian government targets — and his potential ground invasion to remove Syrian president Bashar al Assad — stand to further de-stabilize that wartorn country and further embolden Islamist rebel groups including ISIS.


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