HILARIOUS: Trump Campaign Trolls Leftists, Sells Plastic Straws on Campaign Website

Pushing back against bizarre and unpopular left wing narrative that paper straws are somehow going to save the planet from global warming, destruction of the ocean, and virtually every other societal ill, President Donald Trump is now selling genuine plastic straws on the campaign website.

California and other Democrat stronghold states are, almost in some sort of coordinated effort, demanding paper straws be used in place of plastic. According to Business Insider, plastic straws have now been banned in the entire state of California, the city of Seattle, and in Starbucks stores and on American Airlines.

This is apparently in a misguided effort to save the oceans and marine life, even though the overwhelming majority of plastic pollution in the ocean comes from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Most of the top 20 countries on the list of those who widely mismanage their plastic waste are in Asia, with a smattering of African countries included, along with Brazil.

The United States ranks at 20 in the list of countries who mismanage plastic, though Our World In Data lists the United States as a country that has close to 0 per cent of mismanaged plastic.

Now, President Trump is pushing back in the culture war by selling plastic straws, complete with the iconic “TRUMP” logo.

“Liberal paper straws don’t work,” reads the product description on the website. “STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today.”

The 9-inch straws are BPA-free, and a pack of ten costs $15. The “TRUMP” logo is laser etched onto the straws, which will likely increase the level of triggering of leftists if the straws were seen in public.

This journalist is happy to agree with President Trump’s sentiment, if not his price point.

At a recent trip to a cafe in downtown Wichita, Kansas, I was horrified to be given a paper straw. Not only did the paper begin to deteriorate both in my mouth and in the iced coffee, the decision to go with a paper straw did not make sense for another reason.

The straw may have been made of paper, but both the cup and the lid were made of plastic.

As the left’s misguided quest to save the world my inconveniencing Americans continues, President Trump is keen to poke fun at their attempts.

The likely suspects in the left wing media are already coming unglued at the prospect, with The Root writing the headline “Trump’s Selling Overpriced Straws to Idiots Who Drink Bud Light With a Beer Cozy”.

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