Hillary and Obama Look Foolish Now For Mocking Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Diplomacy

Dennis Rodman, who kicked off America’s historic diplomatic progress with North Korea, was mocked and attacked by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when those Democrats were in power. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, worked with Rodman to get the job done.

As President Trump jets from the G20 summit in Japan to the de-militarized zone in Korea possibly to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Rodman deserves a whole lot of praise.

The American people are grateful to Dennis Rodman.


Dennis Rodman in 2017 passed along to the North Koreans a copy of President Donald Trump’s bestselling book The Art of The Deal as part of Rodman’s informal ambassador work on behalf of the United States.


Dennis Rodman implored the press in 2013 to ask Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton about North Korea issues, clearly expressing his displeasure with both Obama and Clinton.

Rodman had good reason to distrust Clinton and Obama. After all, Hillary Clinton mocked Rodman’s diplomacy in a late-night corporate TV interview. “Yeah, well, whatever,” Hillary Clinton said of Rodman’s work, dismissing the basketball legend’s historic efforts.

Rodman told the American people that Kim Jong Un just wanted the American president to call him, but Barack Obama did not listen. In fact, the Obama White House specifically rebuked Rodman and said they would not take Rodman’s advice.

Good thing President Trump got into office.


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