Hillary Claims She’s “Under Enormous Pressure” to Run For President

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Despite losing an election for the presidency in 2016, Swamp Queen and establishment icon Hillary Clinton apparently believes there’s great desire from the general public to see her run for President once more in the 2020 election.

The former Secretary of State and Clinton Foundation kingpin claimed she is under “enormous pressure” to make a late entry to the 2020 Presidential election when speaking to the BBC last week. When asked if she’d rule out a possible candidacy, she said that she’d ‘never say never,’ indicating that the Democratic elitist might be inching towards an attempt to resurrect her political career.

Clinton has made subtle allusions towards another presidential campaign when speaking to other media outlets as well. The former New York Senator and First Lady waged failed campaigns for the presidency in 2008 and 2016.

Clinton recently reappeared in Democratic Party discourse to defame Hawaii Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, making outrageous claims that the anti-establishment and non-interventionist veteran was a ‘Russian asset.’ Gabbard hit back hard, calling out Clinton as an emblem of neoliberal corruption and failed foreign wars in a scathing video response.

It appears that many of the congressional Democrats that lined up to offer fealty to the Swamp Queen would be hesitant to back yet another presidential bid from the legacy Democrat. Dick Durbin and Joe Manchin were among the Democratic Senators who doused cold water on the prospect of another Clinton campaign when asked about the idea by Politico.

Clinton would also face an already crowded lane of moderate in a primary with almost ten times as many candidates as the 2016 Democratic process. She’d face fierce competition from geriatric but donor-connected former Vice President Joe Biden, and “polite” boy wonder Pete Buttigieg.

It’s probably more than likely that Hillary’s allusion towards another presidential campaign are little more than fantasy ideation. But, you can’t deny it’d be incredibly amusing to see the icon of elite political corruption lose to Donald Trump once again.


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