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Hillary Clinton Misleads Millions with Kavanuagh “Abortion” Smear



Hillary Clinton has backed a false claim made by Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif) that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is punishing women by taking away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

In an 11-second clip which Harris tweeted out, Kavanaugh says, “”Filling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objected to.”

Harris tweeted on Friday, “Kavanaugh chooses his words very carefully, and this is a dog whistle for going after birth control. He was nominated for the purpose of taking away a woman’s constitutionally protected right to make her own health care decisions. Make no mistake – this is about punishing women.”

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The problem is, Harris cut a vital part from the clip she tweeted out-the actual attribution. What Kavanaugh actually said was, “They said filling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objecting to.”

The “they” Kavanaugh is referring to is a nonprofit Christian group, Priests for Life. Sen. Ted Cruz had asked Kavanaugh about a case in which Kavanaugh argued Priests for Life should not have to provide women with contraceptive coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act for religious reasons.

Harris’s tweet implies that Kavanaugh is defining contraception as abortion-inducing, but leaving out the crucial qualifier “They said,” changes the entire statement with Kavanaugh citing the definition of the religious group Priests for Life.

Clinton backed Harris’s false claim in a thread on Twitter on Wednesday saying, “I want to be sure we’re all clear about something that Brett Kavanaugh said in his confirmation hearings last week. He referred to birth-control pills as “abortion-inducing drugs.” That set off a lot of alarm bells for me, and it should for you, too.”

Clinton continues, “Kavanaugh didn’t use that term because he misunderstands the basic science of birth control—the fact that birth control prevents fertilization of eggs in the first place. He used that term because it’s a dog whistle to the extreme right.”

“When Kavanaugh called birth control “abortion-inducing drugs,” he made it clear that safe and legal abortion isn’t the only fundamental reproductive right at grave risk if he is confirmed. Access to birth control is, too.”

“Imagine an America in which women are barred from getting IUDs or birth control pills, and doctors are criminalized for prescribing them. It’s an America in which women would be punished for insisting on being full and equal partners in society.”

“Sen. asked Brett Kavanaugh last week: “Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body?” He said he was not. Because there are none.”

“Let’s be clear: Women have just as much right as men to make the most personal health decisions without government interference. We are equal citizens and we will insist on nothing less in this country. Please call your senators and relay the message: (202) 224-3121”

Those two small words, “They said,” changes the entire context of Kavanaugh’s statement. 

As Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director to the Judicial Crisis Network, wrote at National Review:

“It’s clear that in his testimony to Senator Cruz, Kavanaugh was repeating the words that the plaintiffs had used in their own briefs. To say that because Kavanaugh accurately characterized the plaintiffs’ position he himself believes that contraceptives are abortion-inducing drugs demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the Priests for Life litigation, as well as Kavanaugh’s testimony yesterday.”

Harris’s narrative was pushed by Huffington Post, CNN, NARAL and Planned Parenthood, but after receiving criticism for her smear, Harris was forced to tweet out the full video excerpt of the exchange between Kavanaugh and Cruz:

“Here is Kavanaugh’s full answer. There’s no question that he uncritically used the term “abortion-inducing drugs,” which is a dog whistle term used by extreme anti-choice groups to describe birth control.”

Mark, (@hawki_mark) responded to Harris’s thread saying: “ is intentionally deceitful here – another example of her unethical conduct. She knows fully well that in this video, Judge Kavanaugh was summarizing the arguments of Priests for Life in a case that he ruled on. Dems have nothing on him so resort to edited videos”

Kavanaugh sided with Priests for Life in its challenge of the Obamacare HHS mandate while serving on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in 2015.

When Kavanaugh was asked about his opinion in favor of Priests for Life, Kavanaugh responded:

“That was a group that was being forced to provide certain kind of health coverage over their religious objection to their employees. And under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the question was first ‘was this a substantial burden on the religious exercise,’ and it seemed to me quite clearly it was. It was a technical matter of filling out a form, in that case filling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs that they were as a religious matter objecting to.”

Kavanaugh stressed that the government should not force religious employers to provide devices or drugs that may cause abortions.

“I concluded that penalizing someone thousands and thousands of dollars for failing to fill out a form because of their religious beliefs was wrong,” Kavanaugh said on Thursday during the hearing.

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