Hispanic Republican Mayra Flores is Beating Democrat Opponent In Traditionally Blue Texas District

Could border districts in Texas experience a major political realignment during the 2022 midterms? 

Republican candidate Mayra Flores has recently taken the lead against her Democrat rival Dan Sánchez in the special election for Texas’ 34th congressional district per a poll by Ragnar Research. 

According to John Binder of Breitbart, Flores is leading the race with 24% of the vote, while Sanchez is at 19%. Roughly 41% of voters in the 34th district are still undecided. 

“Republicans have a real chance to win this district for the first time ever and flip a Democrat-held seat,” pollster Chris Perkins declared in a memo that Politico reviewed.

One of the poll’s key revelations was how voters in the border district were largely disenchanted with the Biden regime. Roughly 55% of voters in the district disapprove of Joe Biden’s presidency while only 41% approve. 

Binder highlighted how strong the realignment that’s taking place in the district is: 

Flores’s run is significant as the congressional district has been a Democrat stronghold since its inception in 2012. For example, Democrats have won the seat with 55 to 62 percent of the vote in the last five races.

“South Texas is very conservative. We are all about God, family, and country. We’re very hardworking,” Flores said  to Breitbart News in a previous interview. “Our values align with the Republican Party. But you know, for so long, it’s the lack of education. A lot of people don’t know what the Republican Party stands for.”

Hispanics living on the border are likely the descendants of Spanish-speaking settlers who settled this region and adjacent regions of the American Southwest well before the founding of the American Republic. This has given these Hispanics a unique background that differs substantially from Hispanics who migrated to the US in the second half of the 20th century.

On top of that, Hispanics living in these border districts must confront the reality of mass migration head on — illegal alien invaders, drug traffickers and human smugglers bursting through the border on a daily basis. For that reason, they’re not jumping for joy about the mass migration experiment they’re being subjected to. Once a solid Democrat base, border Hispanics recognize that the modern Democratic Party has gone full open borders and no longer upholds their interests. 

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