Hollywood Actress Promotes “Abortion is Essential” Rally at Supreme Court

Actress Elizabeth Banks is calling for an “Abortion is Essential” rally at the Supreme Court on December 1st.

Hollywood is at it again pushing for immoral causes. Actress Elizabeth Banks created the heinous idea on twitter, her tweet reads “Abortion is Essential Rally”, and “It’s time to get loud for abortion rights.”

We need to talk about abortion. On December 1, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the most consequential abortion rights case in generations,” Banks tweeted. “It’s time to get loud for abortion rights and access. Will you join me and [the Center for Reproductive Rights]?” the actress added, with the hashtag, “Abortion Is Essential.”

The event promoted in the tweet reads “There’s no middle ground: Any ruling upholding Mississippi’s ban guts the central holding of Roe and our right to make fundamental decisions about our lives, our futures, and our families,”.

The case in question is Dobbs V. Jackson Woman’s Health Organization. This case will determine whether a Mississippi law banning abortion after the first 15 weeks of pregnancy is constitutional.

According to Breitbart News, Elizabeth Banks campaigned for globalist Democrat Hilary Clinton in 2016. Yet again the nexus between Hollywood, the abortion industry and the Democrat party is clear. Sadly immorality and depravity continue to emanate from Hollywood. We can hope that The Supreme Court will rule in favor of states rights and against the evil of abortion.

Already many left wing celebrities are weighing inn including actress Amy Brenneman. She tweeted under the hashtag “abortion is essential” to which national conservative Yoram Hazony responded “childbirth is essential.”

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