Home Sweet Home: Obama Secretly Returns To Kenya Ahead of Planned Trip

Barack Obama is escaping the heat of the IG Report and has reportedly made a secret trip to his homeland of Kenya ahead of a separate planned trip in July.

On Sunday, New York Magazine published an article titled, “Where is Barack Obama”, which elaborated on how Obama has essentially disappeared from the public eye since leaving with White House. Well, Big League Politics can confirm he is in Kenya.

While Obama’s trip to Kenya is scheduled to take place from July 15-16, sources on the ground in Kenya have informed Big League Politics that Obama is currently in Kenya, and has been there since Sunday night.

It is unknown why Obama is being deceptive about the time of his future trip to Kenya, but it may have something to do with his suspicious family history and controversy surrounding the legitimacy of his birth certificate and country of birth.

The mainstream media is reporting that Obama’s trip is scheduled for July where he is expected to attend the inauguration of a youth sports center that his sister Auma Obama recently launched. However, reports from sources on the ground in Kenya that Obama has already arrived suggests that the left wing mainstream media is lying to the American public about the timeline of Obama’s trip abroad. The reason for the deception remains unknown, but it is believed that Obama is meeting with his family in Kenya, who he actively kept out of the media following speculation that he was actually born in Kenya and does not have a legitimate American birth certificate. Auma and Barack Obama reportedly have the same father, but they have different mothers.

During his planned July visit to Kenya, Obama is scheduled to meet with Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of Kenya. Following his visit to Kenya, Obama will then travel to South Africa to meet with political leaders and attend a meeting for the Obama Foundation.

According to Mwakilishi, “Kenya’s diaspora news leader”, Barack Obama will be accompanied by Oprah Winfrey during his trip throughout Africa. Winfrey recently flirted with the idea of a 2020 presidential run and has been making political waves after she gave a highly politically charged speech about Trump at the Golden Globes in January. In 2013, President Obama awarded Winfrey with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. However, it is unknown why she will be accompanying Obama on his trip to Africa and why it wasn’t previously disclosed in his official statement about the trip.

“President Obama looks forward to meeting these emerging leaders for the first time, hearing about the extraordinary work they are doing across Africa, and discussing how the Obama Foundation can support their civic leadership development,” Obama’s spokesperson said in an official statement released regarding the former President’s visit to Africa.

Obama’s planned trip to Kenya in July is reportedly his first trip back to Kenya since leaving office.

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