Homeland Security Budget for 2019 Does Not Include Border Wall Funding

In what can only be described as a betrayal of the American people, the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Subcommittee passed a Department of Homeland Security budget for 2019 that will not include funding for a border wall.

“As congressional disapproval climbs north of 90%, House members have again openly refused to provide the necessary funding even to scratch the surface of President Trump’s request to fund the wall,” wrote Tim Lyng in American Thinker. 

Lyng is the President of the Remembrance Project, which provides support for families with children who were killed by illegal immigrants.

“In a public display of political grandstanding, remarkable only in its dishonesty, DHS subcommittee chair GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder touted this bill as taking ‘the largest steps in years toward finally fulfilling our promise to the American people to secure the border.  We add funding for more than 200 miles of physical barrier[.]'”

But according to Lyng, the bill does not reference a wall or barrier at all.

“So what about the $5 billion allegedly for a wall that members are falling over each other to tweet about?” Lyng asked. “While most other funding for DHS must be doled out within a year, House GOP members deliberately stretched out the $5 billion through September 30, 2023, five long years down the road.”

“How can we trust them, especially since the bill never mentions the wall or a barrier?  Doing the math, and assuming (foolishly) that $1 billion each year will be allocated for Trump’s wall, it will take 25 years to complete.”

Lyng points out that 25 years of waiting for the completion of a border wall will equate to at least 25 million more illegals crossing the border. With anchor babies included, there will be tens of millions of people imported from the third world during in a single generation.

Further, the bill includes an amendment that prohibits funding for the deportation of DACA recipients, which will “ensure that 800,000 Americans will be cut out of jobs in preference to illegal aliens who will vote Democrat,” according to Lyng.

Another amendment to the bill will add funding for “health services, alternatives for detention, and family case management services” for illegals that will cost billions of taxpayer dollars – brought to the American people by the Trump-hating GOP establishment.

The bill also includes amendment that will expand the definition of “asylum seekers” to those who have a “credible fear,” instead of those who can prove that they are facing death or serious harm if they return home. The GOP wants to allow anyone, from anywhere, who is afraid (of what, the bill is unclear) to come to America. That number ought to be in the multi-millions.

None of this is what President Donald J. Trump meant when he said “America First.” But this is the reality of a bought-and-paid-for GOP establishment that does not work for the American people like Trump does.

The elites in Washington D.C. are still lining their pockets with big donor cash at the expense of ordinary Americans.

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