Homelessness is Rising Across the United States

Per new data from Bloomberg, the number of families going through homelessness has surged at alarming levels in 2023 across 20 major cities. 

“Family homelessness in the US is on the rise in an alarming sign of how the increasing cost of goods, the ever-tightening housing supply and the end of most pandemic-era benefits are putting pressure on Americans,” Bloomberg reported. 

As of January 2023, 72,700 people in families with children were homeless in 20 cities nationwide, which represented a significant 37.6% jump from 2022, per an analysis of data that several cities provided. Several of the most notable year-over-year changes in family homelessness took place in major metropolitan areas run by Democrats. 

Bloomberg also highlighted the following: “The situation is likely even more grim than the numbers show: so-called point-in-time samples often are a significant undercount, and cities including San Francisco and Seattle — which have dire homeless crises — were excluded from the analysis because they only counted the number of people in their shelters this year.” 

The combination of inflationary economic policies and heavy-handed regulations at the federal level and leftist-local governments that make it difficult to build affordable housing due to out-of-control zoning and environmental regulations. The US needs a total facelift in terms of economic policy if it wants to remain a socio-economically prosperous place that people of all backgrounds can enjoy.

That means it will need to abolish central banking and roll back the regulatory state, so that free markets are allowed to fully operate. 

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