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Homeschooling, The New Russian Collusion Scandal According To ThinkProgress



ThinkProgress Home School Russia Collusion

Radical left-wing blog ThinkProgress has identified home schooling as the latest Russian collusion scandal, after finding evidence some American home schoolers went to Russia once.

The progressive news website, which receives funding from radical leftist think tank Center for American Progress Action Fund, has identified home schooling as the newest source of Russian collusion in America society after learning an American home school organization attended and helped sponsor a conference in Russia.

ThinkProgress learned that the Home School Legal Defense Association helped plan a home schooling conference in Russia in May of last year, and later learned a Russian who has been publicly sanctioned by the United States government may have attended the conference, seeking to work with the HSLDA.

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With this body of evidence, ThinkProgress proceeded to frame home schoolers as Russian pawns who transmit propaganda from the Kremlin to captive children, who are unable to go to public school, where teachers may tell them they could be sued for watching PewDiePie on YouTube.

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ThinkProgress reported:

By networking with Russians, the HSLDA — now America’s largest right-wing homeschooling association — has provided the Kremlin with a new avenue of influence over some of the most conservative organizations in the United States.

And while investigations by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, intelligence organizations, and congressional committees have focused on Russia’s efforts to influence U.S. elections, Russian ties to groups like the HSLDA demonstrate the Kremlin’s broader attempts to hold sway over American policies.

While ThinkProgress describes the conference as an opportunity for Russians to relay their propaganda to American home schoolers, the organization described the conference as an opportunity for Russians to learn about the American system of home schooling. Its press release notes that Russians were largely unable to home school children throughout the existence of the Soviet Union, and were excited to embrace individualized, Christian education for children.

In its press release, HSLDA offers insight into Russia’s desire for the freedom provided through home schooling:

Although American media often portray Russia as the most serious threat facing our country, and Russians as anti-freedom, this was not seen. Many Americans are not familiar with Russian history, the chaos that ensued after the fall of the Soviet Union, or the societal wounds from 75 years of communist rule.

A country that permits homeschooling demonstrates respect for its citizens, for educational freedom, and for the institution of the family. Recognizing the rights of families to decide how their children are educated is an important barometer of freedom and a significant function of self-governance—which is foundational to freedom and democracy. These are the ideas, after all, on which the United States has built our republic. It is encouraging to see a country like Russia embracing this freedom.

ThinkProgress specifically denied HSLDA’s Director of Global Outreach Michael Donnelly as a possible transmitter of Russian propaganda, as Donnelly visited Russia as HSLDA’s representative.

Speaking to ThinkProgress, Donnelly noted that no government officials from America expressed any concern over his visit, and ThinkProgress is the first group to find anything suspicious with their initiatives to expand home schooling in Russia.

Fake News Media

Democrats’ Expert on Misinformation is CNN Hack Soledad O’Brien Who Has Pushed Fake News Incessantly for Years

The Democrats are shamelessly Orwellian.



CNN propagandist Soledad O’Brien appeared before Congress on Wednesday as the Democrats’ expert on combating “misinformation.”

During the hearing, she called for her competitors to be censored and for alternative perspectives from the globalist-mandated consensus to be crushed.

“When news organizations make decisions based on ratings rather than responsible reporting, disinformation flourishes in dangerous ways,” O’Brien said while appearing before Congress.

“Cover the fact that lies and propaganda are being disseminated, but do not book people to lie on your show, because it elevates them and presents a lie as another side. Stop posing every story as having two sides, some stories, in fact, have many many sides, and are more complicated. And also, lies don’t have a side,’ she added, describing her vision for how news should be covered.

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However, if O’Brien’s advice were taken by newsrooms, she would never be allowed on anymore due to her record of spreading reckless conspiracy theories about Trump being a Russian asset and other nonsense.

News aggregator @amuse posted some of O’Brien’s greatest hits on the fake news leader over the past few years:

Big League Politics has reported on other times in which O’Brien humiliated herself by posting falsehoods:

As usual, members of our esteemed media were caught lying on Wednesday, this time about the motivations for President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Iraq to visit troops.

Much ado was made when Trump did not visit Iraq on Christmas Day. NBC said that he was the first president not to visit the troops as Christmastime, only to correct themselves after Trump left for Iraq late Tuesday night. This led leftists conclude that the media had “shamed” Trump into visiting our fine soldiers.

“Shaming him seems to work,” CNN’s Soledad O’Brien said in reply to a Tweet by Brit Hume.

Hume had noted that by the time left-wing actress had blasted Trump for not visiting the troops, he had already visited them. Hume blasted O’Brien for her apparent lack of understanding of the concept of time.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said. “Trump read this Tweet when it was posted and time-traveled himself back to yesterday and flew to Iraq. Genius take.”

… What was wrong was the assumption that Trump had to be “shamed” to visiting the war zone. Embarrassingly, these leftists were proved wrong by leftist POLITICO.

“According to a White House official, the Trump administration had been planning the trip for more than six weeks,” said a Wednesday POLITICO piece.

Of course, the piece chided Trump for not being able to keep his trip a secret, citing two of Trump’s remarks about a potential trip to a war zone. 

The Democrats are shameless in pushing their Orwellian agenda. They are at war with objective reality and will stoop to unfathomable depths to achieve absolute power.

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