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Homosexual Cop Gets $10 Million Taxpayer Payout Because He Did Not Receive a Promotion

The diversity racket is very lucrative.



A Missouri police officer who did not earn a promotion but felt he was entitled to one has received a payout of over $10 million from the taxpayer for alleged discrimination because of his choice of sexual lifestyle.

Keith Wildhaber, an openly homosexual police lieutenant from St. Louis County, had been awarded $20 million by a jury in Oct. 2018 but took the $10 million deal because he would be able to keep a larger amount of the award by settling.

After he received the judgment, St. Louis County immediately promoted Wildhaber and made him the head of a “diversity and inclusion” unit to promote homosexuality, transgenderism, and other deviant lifestyles among law enforcement officials.

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“This lawsuit acknowledges what Lt. Wildhaber survived in the police department and lets us move forward as a county,” County Executive Sam Page said on Monday.

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“I think it’s important to recognize that this sends a message to everyone in county government and to all of our employers in the St. Louis region, that discrimination will not be tolerated,” he said.

Wildhaber whined that the St. Louis County police were concerned about his effeminate behavior, asking him to “tone down” his over-the-top actions because they were making fellow cops feel uncomfortable.

The key evidence of the case was a disputed incident of a police captain telling a witness that Wildhaber was “way too out there with his gayness” and would not receive a promotion due to his behavior.

This was enough for Wildhaber to win millions of dollars, as the diversity scam has become very lucrative in America.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar was forced to retire likely as a result of the fall-out, with Democrat officials such as Councilwoman Lisa Clancy demanding his head on a pike. The jury foreman made it clear that they wanted the taxpayer to pay an astronomical sum of money to Wildhaber in order “to send a message.”

“This is an opportunity for our department to move forward and to continue to make the progress that has been made and to stay focused on my … goals for our police department, which is first to keep us safe and second to respect all people,” Page said.

Page noted that the payout will come during a time of county budget concerns. The annual cost to taxpayers is expected to be between $500,000 and $600,000 over the course of a decade or so.

“These are tight budget times and if we don’t have to take the hit on our budget until the insurance payment comes through, we think this is the way to do it,” Page noted.

To his credit, Wildhaber did offer to settle for a $850,000 payment and a promotion in Apr. 2019. The county refused and opted to take the case to trial, and the taxpayer is going to be forced to pay much more as a result.

Councilman Ernie Trakas, a Republican, believes that the case should be appealed because it is not unlawful to discriminate against homosexuals under the law.

“I personally believe the Missouri Human Rights Act may be flawed in that area but I also believe the way to remedy that is the Legislature and not the courts,” Trakas said. He believes that the law as it is written leads to “no other conclusion that gender preference is not a protected class.”

The case is not likely to be appealed though, as St. Louis County has effectively surrendered to the LGBT agenda. Expect officers to be prancing around the county in rainbow uniforms before long.


Lauren Witzke Clashes With Richard Grenell Over His Promotion of Transgenderism; Con Inc. Wants Her Cancelled!

What happened to “America Uncancelled?”



Where do we draw the line between what is ‘conservative’ and what isn’t ‘conservative’? Well, for many establishment Republicans, also known by many as ‘Conservative Inc.’, the only two distinctions between right and left are free markets and principled constitutionalism. However, traditionally, conservatives have sought to protect Christian and American values. Things like preserving the family, promoting law and order, and protecting the sacred tradition of marriage between a man and a woman had been the backbone of the conservative movement. It seems as if nowadays, these values have been completely thrown aside. Big League Politics has previously reported on establishment conservative organizations, such as Turning Point USA, pushing transgenderism and homosexuality on Republican college students.

Rather than bend the knee to the left, as most Republicans do, social conservatives like Lauren Witzke have decided to take a stand and say: “Enough is enough.” Witzke, who is the Spokeswoman for Hold the Line PAC, recently clashed on Twitter with former Trump Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who is openly a homosexual.

The whole debacle began when Lauren Witzke replied to a tweet by Grenell, praising the GOP for its inclusivity to transgender people, referring to transgenderism as ‘mental illness’:

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Grenell tried to downplay Witzke’s take, effectively saying that celebrating transexuality is a celebration of God, in which Witzke replied that it was instead demonic:

Grenell rebuttaled, asking Witzke if she was ok with welcoming gay conservatives into the GOP. Witzke responded saying no, and that it would be a useless act of appeasement.

Seemingly in an act to publicize Witzke’s wrongthink, Grenell then quote-tweeted her and asked her the same question once more:

True to her nature, Witzke sarcastically mocked Grenell for repeating himself and solidified her stance:

The two would both go on to throw several more jabs at each other on Twitter, but you get the point. Richard Grenell believes that the Republican Party should have no moral stance on any issue, while Lauren Witzke believes that the GOP should strictly conserve our Christian values.

We reached out to Lauren on Twitter for a quick statement and she gave us this:

“The Republican Party was founded on Christian Conservative Principles. We believe in the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a women. Gay fiscal conservatives are more than welcome to vote for us, but should have no place in leadership to advocate for their progressive ideals.”

Lauren Witzke previously ran as the Republican nominee for US Senate in Delaware, but lost to the incumbent Democrat Senator Chris Coons. Despite living in a blue state and running on a nationalist platform, Witzke impressively secured roughly double the votes as her Republican predecessor in 2014.

After the lengthy and, as of right now, still ongoing battle between Grenell and Witzke, conservative commentator Elijah Schafer reached out to both parties to ask if they would come onto his BlazeTV show to debate each other. Witzke immediately accepted, while Grenell has yet to comment:

Despite conservatives supposedly leading the charge against cancel culture, in actuality a good portion of cancel culture happens within the conservative movement. Although CPAC’s motto this year may have been ‘America Uncancelled’, moderate conservatives still seem more than happy to ostracize their socially conservative counterparts. Many establishment Republicans and friends of Richard Grenell took to Twitter, demanding that Lauren Witzke be cancelled for supporting traditional marriage. Mind you, the vast majority of Republicans were against gay marriage just 6 years ago.

(Tweet by commentator @fadde was deleted shortly after this article was published)

Host of America First and popular conservative commentator Nicholas J. Fuentes called Grenell a member of the ‘Gay Mafia’ and accused him of using leftist tactics to try and intimidate Witzke.

While it doesn’t look like the argument will end anytime soon, it remains clear that there are still social conservatives within the GOP, and the establishment is going to use any means necessary to get them out. As our country rots and decays under Joe Biden, Republicans think that they can just become the left (but with free markets). That isn’t the case. America is not merely and idea or an economic system, America is a nation. A nation is nothing without its people, and America is at it’s greatest when strong family values are promoted by the state and the people see themselves as one nation under God. We’ve included a more miscellaneous tweets from the feud below for interested readers.

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