HONK HONK: LA Mayor Says ‘0% Chance Of Infection’ If He Holds Breath After Unmasking

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti posing maskless for a picture with Magic Johnson at a SoFi stadium NFL game, face diaper in hand.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was asked Wednesday at a press conference why he knowingly violated his own Covid-19 orders by taking his mask off for a photo with Magic Johnson Sunday at the NFC Championship game at SoFi Stadium.

Garcetti, who is directly responsible for the continued draconian forcing of masks and inoculations in his city, stated that despite breaking his own rules designed to protect public safety he did not put anybody in danger upon unmasking himself.

His excuse? He held his breath, so it’s okay. No, that’s not a joke.

“I wore my mask the entire game. When people ask for a photograph, I hold my breath and I put it here and people can see that,” Garcetti said, face diaper in hand. “There is a zero percent chance of infection from that.”

ACB7 Los Angeles reported that Garcetti was not alone in drawing heat for his brazen hypocrisy in regards to mask mandates, mentioning that both California Governor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed were photographed without their face diapers on at the game as well.

The three Democrats were accused of hypocrisy for lecturing residents about dutifully wearing masks in public, while the pictures from the game that circulated widely online suggested they set different rules for themselves.

ABC7 Los Angeles

The outlet also reported on a brief discussion with L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, who despite being a public health “expert” apparently had no scientific explanation as to how millions of Americans attended NFL games this year with seemingly no issues. Many of those games, unlike SoFi, did not have strict mask mandates, further calling the efficacy of such policies into question.

When asked why the SoFi mask requirement made sense, when millions of people have attended NFL games this year, including in places without strict mask rules, Ferrer didn’t answer directly. She suggested risk for transmission remained high in large venues, and emphasized that determining where a person became infected can often be difficult, if not impossible.

ABC7 Los Angeles

Russ Simons of SoFi stadium stressed that the NFL will continue to harass patrons who do not wear a face diaper, at least in Los Angeles.

“The protocols include a mandatory mask requirement in the stadium for everyone 2 years and older regardless of their vaccination status, are required to wear a face covering in the stadium and the tailgate areas – except while actively eating and drinking,” said Simons. “…and that doesn’t mean buy a bucket of popcorn and eat it for two hours. Actively eating and drinking – we are on to you. The staff is on hand to remind people to mask up.”

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