House Republicans are Working to Create Committee that Will Expose FBI Tyranny 

Congressional Republicans are in the process of setting up a new subcommittee to investigate alleged cases of abuse of power carried out by various federal agencies. 

This subcommittee will be a part of the House Judiciary Committee.

Recent revelations about the FBI engaging in acts of censorship on social media platforms has largely propelled the creation of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. However, as Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net noted, this committee is not just focusing on the FBI’s alleged abuses, it’s also looking to investigate alleged abuses committed by other government agencies.  

This committee’s formation is a new political reality due to how several House Republicans made their support of Kevin McCarthy as the present House Speaker contingent upon the establishment of this committee. 

The new subcommittee’s presence inside of the Judiciary Committee effectively allows it to legislate in the case its members determine that there needs to be reforms implemented. Republicans have already made structural reforms of the FBI a key part of their platform.

Above all, this panel plans to review past and present abuses that Big Tech has perpetrated in collusion with the federal government. It’s good to see Republicans finally start using political power in a prudential manner to protect their constituents and potentially punish their enemies. Grassroots conservatives should work diligently to ensure that Republicans follow through and give this committee some teeth. 

The time for performance art politics is over. Substantive legislative action is needed to curb Big Tech’s influence.  

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