House Republicans Plan on Dropping Damning Report Exposing DHS Chief’s Corruption

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green is planning on releasing an extensive report highlighting his initial discoveries of his investigation into Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that highlights ways he believes the DHS chief broke the law, he told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview.

Green kicked off a probe into Mayorkas on June 14, 2023 with the initial stage concentrating on the DHS secretary’s alleged “dereliction of duty.” Green claims that the over 100 pages of findings from the first phase of his ongoing investigation will be published within the next couple of weeks. 

“The list of everything that we’ve learned so far in phase one, the dereliction of duty phase will be published here very shortly. In fact, I’m proofing the final document, which is like 111 pages, but laws that have been violated. In some cases, we believe that Mayorkas has broken the law himself,” Green said to the Daily Caller.

Green alluded to several instances where he believes Mayorkas has carried out “intentional” and “willful dereliction of duty,” he stated, making a reference to the DHS’ use of the CBP One phone application to facilitate the entry of tens of thousands of migrants  on a monthly basis via ports of entry at the southern border. On top of that, he believes Mayorkas lied to Congress when he claimed that DHS had “operational control” of the Southern border with Mexico.

“There’s the lying to Congress, there’s the CBP One app, which is just this big shell game to produce automatic mass parole in violation of the laws passed by Congress. It is a wanton disregard for the separation of powers and the Constitution of the United States,” Green stated.

“There’s also sort of negligent dereliction of duty. He admitted in the Senate that he didn’t understand the cartel strategy despite the fact that Merrick Garland very clearly understood it when he testified. If you’re the guy who’s in charge of homeland security and protecting the borders and going against the cartels, you probably ought to understand the major strategies of the drug cartels,” Green commented, alluding to Mayorkas apparently not being aware of cartel wristbands used to track migrants crossing the southern border when he was previously grilled by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Despite some House Republicans having already filed articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, Green had not gone forward with such a scheme until his investigation was over.

Green said the final stage of the investigation will feature information from anonymous US officials who have in touch with the committee that he expects will turn into whistleblowers and give public testimony. Back in May, he said to the Daily Caller  that he was in touch with the officials and that they had shared proof of “potential fraud” Mayorkas committed.

“Ideally, they would become whistleblowers, get protection and testify. They have reluctance to do so because of what’s happened at the DOJ with the guys who came clean there and then got bullied by the leadership,” Green added.

“So they’re obviously very concerned. I mean this administration has no concept of law and order and so these people are very concerned. We just have to figure out a way to make sure we can guarantee the protection because some of these people they have their retirements on the line,” Green continued.

The second phase of Green’s probe into Mayorkas will start with a subcommittee hearing on July 12 that will focus on the fentanyl crisis, per a Daily Caller report. It will be followed by a full committee hearing on July 19, titled “Biden and Mayorkas’ Open Border: Advancing Cartel Crime in America,” to “examine how this administration’s reckless open-border policies have empowered cartels in Mexico to seize operational control of the Southwest border,” a committee spokesperson said to the Daily Caller.

Mayorkas has been clearly derelict in his duties as DHS chief. He facilitated the Great Replacement through his lax border security policies and other policies that allow for thousands of migrants to flood the country with virtually no resistance. 

These hearings are a good first step. Hopefully, more concrete actions such as defunding the DHS and impeaching Mayorkas.

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