House Speaker Dennis Bonnen Sneaks Gun Control into the Texas State Budget

Gun control has been snuck into the Texas state budget.

According to a new campaign on Texas Gun Right’s website, “Gun control funding was added to the state budget and is on its way to the Governor’s desk for his signature.”

Specifically, gun control funding was added to promote a firearms storage program.

TXGR called on its members to demand that Governor Greg Abbott use his line-item veto to take down this specific gun control program.

The gun rights group highlighted that “Firearms safety is of the utmost importance.”

However, in TXGR’s view, the gun control lobby has gone too far by pushing this backdoor gun control provision “under the guise of firearms “safety.”

Chris McNutt, Executive Director of TXGR, argues that House Speaker Dennis Bonnen got anti-gun Democrat votes by slipping a “$1 million spending spree for the promotion of “safe” gun storage in the states’ massive 950 page budget bill (HB 1).”

TXGR pointed out that research from Dr. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center demonstrates that firearm storage mandates “effectively disarm citizens in a time of urgency.”

In his study in the Journal of Law and Economics, Lott shows that there were “300 more total murders and 4,000 more rapes occurring each year in the states that mandated firearms storage.”

2019 has been a disappointing year for Second Amendment activists in the Lone Star State. Now they must fend off background gun control schemes as the session comes to a close. After that, they must prepare for the 2020 elections and the next legislative session in 2021.

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