House Speaker Mike Johnson Expects House to Pass Israel First Military Aid Bill Later This Week

On October 29, 2023, House Speaker Mike Johnson announced that he expects the Republican-controlled House to pass an Israel military aid bill later this week. The passage of this bill would go against President Joe Biden’s request for a much larger military aid package that features support for Ukraine.

“We’re going to move a standalone Israel funding bill this week in the House,” Johnson said during Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures on October 29. “We believe that that is a pressing and urgent need.”

The Louisiana Congressman has indicated that he plans to separate bills for new military aid to Israel and Ukraine. He said on October 29 that he believes an Israel-only bill would obtain bipartisan support in both the United States House and the Senate.

“We should not waste any more time and I think we’ll get it through the House this week,” Johnson stated.

On a previous occasion, he stated that House Republicans would put forward a $14.5 billion military aid package for Israel, a bit more than what the Biden regime has called for. Support for Israel is a thoroughly bipartisan development, which demonstrates the US’s unhealthy obsession with Israel. 

No matter who is in charge, Israel will continue receiving military aid at will. That’s how the Zionist Uniparty in DC operates. Only a genuine America First movement that’s focused on foreign policy restraint and immigration patriotism can put America back on the right path.

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