Houston Police Allow Abortion Clinic to Operate Despite Texas Courts Ruling Them Non-Essential

On March 30th, a judge ruled that Texas abortion clinics could stay open. This ruling came a few days after the Texas governor, Greg Abbott, deemed abortion servies non-essential.

Since abortions are clearly elective surgeries, the ruling was overturned by a vote of 2-1 in the 5th circuit court of appeals on March 31st. Meaning, the governor’s order stands and abortion clinics must close until non-essential businesses are allowed to open back up.

This hasn’t stopped one abortion clinic in Houston from continuing to kill the unborn.

In a video released on April 1st, via the YouTube channel ‘ProofThatGodExists,’ an abortion clinic in Houston is shown to still be accepting clients.

A couple of pro-life activists are shown in the video standing outside the abortion clinic. Across the street is a police officer, with whom one of the activists eventually talks.

They tell the offiicer that the abortion offices are still seeing clients. The officer acknowledges their concerns and says, “we’ll take care of it.”

A few minutes later, the officer goes to talk to the pro-life activists. The officer informed the activists that he was just there to “keep the peace” and nothing else.

One of the activists again informed the officer of the situation, asking, “Do you know that it’s illegal for them to do abortions today?” The officer replied, “I’m not out here for that.”

The activist then reiterated that he was asking him not why he was there, but if he personally knew of the current order. He wanted to know if the officer was not enforcing because he didn’t know about the order or because his department was choosing to ignore it in this case.

The officer didn’t want to answer directly. So, he again said, “I’m not saying that what you’re saying is wrong…. But that’s not what I’m out here for. I’m out here to keep the peace….”

He then said, “Whoever you need to call to enforce what you’re asking me about…” He was interupted by the second activist, who challenged him, insisting, “When people are breaking the law, we call the police.”

The video continues on with many more women entering the clinic. Eventually the abortion doctor arrived to the clinic, as well.

It’s clear that the clinic is in direct violation of the order that declares abortion services non-essential. Why the Houston police aren’t enforcing the order as it pertains to this particular clinic is still unclear.



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