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Houston Police Chief Blames Woke Democrats for the Inability To Win Down Ballot Races

The Democrats’ Coalition is Quite Unstable



Those who have been plugged in to Second Amendment politics in Texas know about Houston Police Chief’ Art Acevedo’s hatred towards gun ownership.

However, some of his recent comments on Twitter caught many folks by surprise. He was rather candid about why Democrats laid an egg in Teas during the 2020 election cycle. The conventional wisdom coming from the media was that Texas seats — from Congress down to the State House — would flip to the Democrats in a blue wave. However, once the final votes were cast, Texas still remained in Republican hands.

On Twitter, Acevedo offered his take on why Democrats could not create a blue wave in Texas:

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“Texas Democrats can thank “socialist democrats and defund the police crowd” led by @GregCasar,@JimmyFlanniganand the rest of the AustinCity Council. Fact, Americans and Texans want better policing, not de-policing, and they don’t want anything to do with any form of socialism.”

Acevedo is by no means a right winger. In fact, he appears to show signs of Trump Derangement Syndrome at times and he is no friend of pro-Second Amendment causes such as Constitutional Carry. That said, there are legitimate fissures within the Democrat coalition. The moderate wing of the party does not want to unleash Antifa/Black Lives Matter style chaos across America by defunding police departments unlike the more radical elements of the progressive Left. The fact remains that Americans will vote for Democrats if they campaign less radically and keep their crazies in line. But when radical factions of the Democrat Party start pushing policies that call for the destruction of policing institutions, that’s when everyday Americans begin to consider Republicans as an alternative option.

To tell the truth, both the mainstream media and the Democrats have enabled these radical elements and now they’re starting to have to put up with radicals within their party. Those on the Right should sit back, relax, and watch as the Left eats itself. During this in-part squabbling, the party can rebuild its forces and prepare itself for future victory.


Portland ANTIFA Riots Continue in Biden’s Presidency as Thugs Terrorize Businesses, Citizens in Leftist Pogrom

ANTIFA isn’t going away.



Portland ANTIFA engaged the second major violent riot event of Joe Biden’s presidency on Saturday night, with members of the street terror organizations terrorizing small businesses and inflicting mass vandalism on property throughout Portland’s Pearl District.

Roads were totally shut down by armed Antifa militants, who utilized stones and sticks against the citizens that opposed their activities.

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Antifa engaged in its typical harassment of private citizens, shining bright lights into the windows of residential buildings in some sort of demand for those sleeping inside to come out and join the left-wing terror movement.

As customary for Portland, law enforcement adopted a strict “hands off” approach for Antifa crime, quickly retreating when confronted by the mob of Antifa thugs.

At least one private security vehicle was destroyed in the mob action.

The riot event represents the second event of its kind since Joe Biden’s ascension to the presidential throne. Antifa thugs had attacked none other than the headquarters of the Oregon Democratic Party on the day of Biden’s enthronement, voicing their opposition to the neoliberal Democrat. Biden is understood as a right-wing fascist to the leftist group, which largely adheres to communist and anarchist ideologies.

“Polite” liberals have quietly hoped that the criminal gang would fade into the shadows with the ‘bad orange man’ out of the picture, no longer useful for anti-Trump street actions in the notoriously leftist Oregon city. Feckless Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler finally denounced the left-wing terror group in January, urging stricter criminal penalties for Antifa’s violent actions. It remains to be seen in Antifa will return in force in summer 2021, when national riot movements tend to reach the pinnacle of the yearly strength. However, the ongoing presence of street riots in late February intends the leftist miscreants don’t intend to disappear quietly.

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