…HOW? Hunter Biden Resolved $450k D.C. Tax Lien In SIX DAYS, Months After Settling Paternity Suit With Stripper

Hunter Biden settled a whopping $450k tax lien he was found liable for last month in a prompt six days, raising questions as to how the younger Biden settled the tax liability in such a speedy manner, despite having no discernible employment or income.

Biden was only declared to be legally liable for the $450k debt on July 9th, when the District of Columbia’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer ruled he owed the tidy sum. Yet the Chief Financial Officer confirmed that the “tax issue was resolved” to the New York Post on July 15th, only six days after the agency ruled that Biden was liable for it.

Multiple members of the Biden family have found themselves in tax liability proceedings in several states over the years, usually owing back taxes they declined to pay that total in the hundreds of thousands.

How was Biden able to come up with $450,000 for taxes in such a quick fashion? It doesn’t appear that he has any ongoing employment, having shied from the public view after a scandal in which he was caught accepting millions of dollars in payment from Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The younger Biden had no experience in the energy industry before signing on with Burisma, raising accusations of cronyism and political corruption in connection with his status as the then-Vice President’s son.

Hunter Biden stated in legal record that he was in “significant debt” in legal proceedings regarding child support of a baby he fathered with an Arkansas stripper, arguing in court documents that he did not have the funds to support the child. Biden ultimately ended up settling with the Arkansas plaintiff in March, tacitly admitting to fathering the child and agreeing to provide financial support for the baby.

I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,” said the younger Biden in November 2019 court documents, raising serious questions as to how he was able to resolve a half-million dollar tax lien less than a year later.

Something doesn’t add up here.

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