How Prepared Are You for Massive Supply Chain Shortages?

Many people tend to think of supply chain shortages as existing during the pandemic… and that, if there are still any supply chain shortages, it is due to COVID-19.

This isn’t exactly true.

In 2022, we saw a major shortage of baby formulas that led many mothers to turn to unsafe practices for feeding babies.

This formula shortage wasn’t only due to lingering COVID-19 supply chain shortages; it was also due to a product recall and facility shutdowns by the FDA.

Yes, the pandemic showed us just how vulnerable the supply chain is. Americans saw just how quickly grocery store shelves can go empty when production halts and when ships get stuck at port.

We will probably hear people joke about the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 for the rest of our lives…or until it happens again.

It is likely it WILL happen again.

Just as the dangerous baby formula shortage of 2022 reminded us.

Unfortunately, even in 2023, there have been numerous predictions of supply chain shortages affecting everything from food to prescription medications tobattery components.

Many of these dire predictions will come true thanks to Russia halting a wartime deal this week that allows grain to flow from Ukraine to countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia which will further strain thinning supply chains. This cuts off over 30 million tons of corn, wheat and sunflower products that have been exported over the last year alone.

What Could Cause Massive Supply Chain Shortages?

Why are economists so concerned about massive supply chain shortages in 2023?

KPMG explains, “Disruptions to supply chain operations are set to stay in 2023, whether they be existing or new geopolitical conflicts, inflationary pressures and the recessionary environment, climate change weather events, or other issues yet to emerge. They can all impact access to goods and how they flow to their final destination, create port holdups, reduce container and ocean freight availability, and surge prices, among other concerns.”

Here are just a few areas – where something could go wrong – that have the ability to cause serious supply chain disruptions:

  • Geopolitical tensions – “More than 6 out of 10 global organizations expect that geopolitical instability may have a detrimental impact on their supply chains in the next 3 years.”
  • Cybercriminals – Cybercriminals can attack systems and hack basic warehouse equipment.
  • Raw material access in turmoil – Key commodity prices affect the availability of raw materials.
  • Banking collapse.
  • Energy costs and regulations.
  • Labor shortages.
  • Import/export restrictions (sanctions) – Consider the Ukraine/Russia war impact.

We aren’t too far from another massive supply shortage, friends. And the time to prepare is now.

Stock Up on Food

Food Storage

The first way consumers become aware of a supply chain shortage is empty grocery store shelves.

This makes sense. We need food to survive, so it is the first thing people panic buy.

However, when people panic buy grocery store food, they aren’t thinking long-term.

They may stock up on rice, flour, and beans as essentials, but if they just buy bags of them, they won’t last long in a standard pantry.

Instead, it is wise to have food essentials such as these in your home from a legitimate long-term emergency food company – foods that are created to last for years and are encased in the right type of storage materials to withstand harsh weather and rodents.

Another reason panic buying food causes problems is that people don’t consider what they really need – calories and protein.

In normal situations, women need 2,000 calories a day, and men need 2,500 calories.

In survival situations, you will need even more to give you the required energy.

My Patriot Supply’s 3-month emergency food supply has a variety of meals that add up to more than 2,000 calories a day.

In addition, your body requires protein, which you won’t get from a bunch of cheap, packaged grocery store snacks.

You need something like the Mega Protein Kit with Real Meat from My Patriot Supply.

While designed to store on your shelves until an emergency happens, our long-term emergency food is ideal for supply chain shortages.

While everyone else is panicking because they can’t find or buy meat at the grocery store, your family will have the protein and calories you need.

Stocking up on emergency food shouldn’t be your only defense against supply chain shortages…it’s also important to grow your own food.

Stock Up on Essential Supplies

It isn’t just food that is hard to find when supply chain shortages occur.

One of the most concerning issues currently is medications.

Just this past year, as normal seasonal colds made their way through schools, parents were shocked to discover drug store shelves empty of basics, such as Children’s Tylenol and cold and allergy medicines.

When you are preparing for a possible supply chain shortage, make sure you cover all the essentials, including medications.

The next time you are at a big-box store, add the giant bottle of Tylenol to your cart.

Think back on the pandemic. What disappeared?

Stock up on hand sanitizer and first aid supplies.

Don’t stop with first aid and medications. Think about what toiletries and other essentials are necessary for daily life, such as toothpaste.

Remember, if one component is hard to find, it will disrupt the entire chain.

One essential you need to stock up on now is batteries.

The price of lithium has soared, which is crucial for batteries. Other battery components, including graphite and cobalt, are struggling to meet demand.

Also, consider your emergency supplies.

If the power goes out, would you have access to an alternate heat source or a safe indoor space heater? Could you power devices with solar-powered tools? Do you have a way to cook food, like a Vesta Stove or a charcoal grill?

AlexaPure Pro

Stock Up on Water

Water is critical for survival. We need it for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

If you faced a water emergency, such as a supply chain shortage or a cyberattack on your local water source, would you be prepared?

Now is the time to invest in a water filtration system like the Alexapure Pro, as well as water containers to collect and store water ahead of an emergency.

Don’t Panic. Prepare for supply chain shortages, friends.

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