Howie Carr Show Bombshell: How Mueller-led FBI documented Clinton-Russia corruption nexus in Uranium One deal, did nothing

The former first family, Chelsea V. Clinton, former first lady Hillary R. Clinton and President William J. Clinton. (Photo courtesy of Hillary R. Clinton’s campaign Facebook page)

One of Washington’s top investigative reporters and a vice-president at The Hill, told the host of The Howie Carr Show Tuesday that the FBI had evidence of corrupt practices involving the Russians, the Clintons and the owners of the Uranium One mineral company, but the Obama administration still approved the Russians buying a controlling interest in the company and its huge reserves of uranium equal to 20 percent of America’s known deposits.

Here is now a documented case, an irrefutable case that that the Russian nuclear industry controlled by Vladimir Putin engaged in bribery, engaged in extortion and kickbacks, engaged in money-laundering in its effort to expand its uranium business in the United States under the Obama administration,” said John F. Solomon, whose leadership tenures at The Washington Times and were highlighted by breathtaking news scoops. The article was co-authored by Alison Spann.

Now, the undercover witness, who was deep undercover, wants to come forward and tell his story, but the FBI and the Department of Justice will not allow him to discuss what he saw and heard, he said. “They are blocking him from coming forward.”

In the years that the Rosatom was accumulating its 51 percent interest in Uranium One, 2009 through 2013, President Barack Obama was seeking to improve relations with the Russia, in the wake of his predecessor’s rupturing of relations when President George W. Bush supported the independent former Soviet republic of Georgia as it defended against Russian troops, tanks and artillery.

The Obama White House June 24, 2010 posted a “U.S.-Russia Relations: ‘Reset’ Fact Sheet” regarding the so-called “reset,” which included this excerpt:

In one of his earliest new foreign policy initiatives, President Obama sought to reset relations with Russia and reverse what he called a “dangerous drift” in this important bilateral relationship. President Obama and his administration have sought to engage the Russian government to pursue foreign policy goals of common interest – win-win outcomes — for the American and Russian people. In parallel to this engagement with the Russian government, President Obama and his administration also have engaged directly with Russian society — as well as facilitated greater contacts between American and Russian business leaders, civil society organizations, and students — as a way to promote our economic interests, enhance mutual understanding between our two nations, and advance universal values.

Solomon said the corruption between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Russians and the Clinton Foundation was already detailed in The New York Times and the book Clinton Cash, but this is the first time Americans are finding out that the FBI had an informer inside the Russian apparatus–during the tenure of Robert S. Mueller III, the special prosecutor appointed to investigate whether Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign colluded with the Russians.

Working with Peter Sweiker, the author of Clinton Cash, The Times verified that the chairman of Uranium One donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation, a bank financing the Russian investment stake paid former president William J. “Bill” Clinton $500,000 for a speech in Moscow and Frank Giustra, an investor in Uranium One through a merger with his own company, donated $31.3 million to the Clinton Foundation. All of this was at the same time that the former first lady was in charge of the State Department and green-lighting the Russian’s investments–while the Obama administration was blocking the extension of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The State Department and the Obama White House approved the Rosatom takeover of Uranium One despite having actual evidence of Russian misbehavior, Solomon said.

“They knew this corruption was already going on and they didn’t use it as a reason to reject the deal,” he said.

Solomon said there are indications that the FBI reports made it to Obama’s daily briefings, but that has not been determined yet.

“The standard for a review like this is if there is a national security threat you should not approve the deal,” he said

“In fact, the FBI clearly documented a national security threat and yet, they went ahead and approved it,” he said.

Howie Carr (Courtesy)

“That’s your lede!” said host Howie Carr. “We never knew that the FBI was involved in investigating this–to me–it puts a whole new light on the scandal.”

Solomon said one of the reasons why the FBI knew some much was their informer.

This undercover witness was fully cooperating with the FBI, he said.

The informer provided eyewitness accounts, records of what the Russians were doing, who they were influencing, why they were taking any of the actions they were doing,” he said.

There is so much that has just now come to light about this scandal that Americans were kept in the dark about, he said.

Carr was incensed: “What the hell is going on here, John Solomon?”

This is not a minor story about corruption, he said. “This involves national security.”

Solomon told Carr that the Russians long game was very basic: If you control someone’s energy supply, you have leverage.

The Russians want to control uranium for nuclear power plants, just like the control the natural gas going into Europe, he said. “The undercover witnessed conversations, where the Russians discussed as the long game of  gaining leverage on the United States–making it dependent on it for its nuclear for its nuclear fuel–

“The undercover witnessed conversations, where this was discussed as the long game of gaining leverage on the United States–making it dependent on it for its nuclear for its nuclear fuel,” he said. “The stakes were high and that’s why bribes were made and kickbacks were made–and why the FBI was so concerned.”

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