Huffington Post Fires 47 Establishment Journalists as Crunch for Corporate Media Kicks into Gear

The Huffington Post announced the firing of 47 employees in internal communications at the media company on Tuesday, sending members of the establishment media into a flurry over supposed erosion of the news industry.

The Huffington Post’s union described itself as “devastated” following the firings, which terminated the employment of nearly 30% of the Huffington Post’s US employees. The layoffs were finalized after HuffPost completed a merger with Buzzfeed, another left-wing news company that rose to prominence in the last decade.

The Huffington Post has generally declined as traditional corporate news entities such as MSNBC, CNN and the Washington Post have staked out dominance of the left-wing news industry. The website’s business model was designed with a more overt partisan affiliation, initially taking off in the early 2010’s before the corporate news media lost any semblance of impartiality and integrity.

In an ironic twist, members of the mainstream media’s figurative clubhouse appeared more troubled by the dozens of layoffs at HuffPost than there were over the approximately 10,000 layoffs necessitated by President Joe Biden’s termination of Keystone XL pipeline construction.

In sadistic fashion, some of the employees of the media organization were left hanging over their employment, with firings only announced over email after it was announced that many employees would be given the pink slip.

The firings come as the business model of the fake news media comes under new stress. Left-wing ‘news’ organizations utilized the cash cow of Donald Trump to acquire new revenue and readership, using the media draw of the President they supposedly hated to draw in a massive new audience. Now, with Trump gone from the White House and the corporate media steadfastly refusing to scrutinize Democrats and Joe Biden, entities such as Huffington Post have little of real public interest to report on and discuss.

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