HuffPo Hack Emily Peck Falls Face First Trying to Smear SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh

The fake news media is at it again, and today’s culprit is HuffPo writer Emily Peck.

“I. Am. Dead,” wrote lead editor at Independent Journal Review Jason Howerton on Twitter.

Along with his post, he attached two Peck headlines. The first, from July 11 says “Playing Up Brett Kavanaugh As a Good Dad to Girls is Shameless,” and depicts a terrible photo of Kavanaugh with President Donald J. Trump. The second, from June 2017, reads “Men Really Do Get Less Sexist When they Have Daughters,” and shows Barack Obama smiling at his daughter Malia.

The obviously contradictory headlines made Peck the laughing stock of the internet for a few hours. Eventually, she tried to defend herself by claiming that the pieces do not actually contradict each other.

“I get the criticism, especially if you only read headlines,” she wrote. “And that seems to be where this is at. But if you read both pieces they don’t contradict each other. Also, to those of you criticizing me, I’m not sure ‘you look Jewish’ counts as a thoughtful critique.”

BLP decided to take a deeper dive to see if the headlines are indeed in opposition.

“The whole enterprise pushes the narrative that this man is a friend to women. Maybe even a feminist,” says the first piece. “After all, he spoke winningly about how his mother ‘overcame obstacles’ to become a trial judge — a signal, perhaps, that he understands the kind of systemic discrimination women once faced. He spoke of trying to bond with his daughters. Clearly, he must respect girls and women. Or at least that’s the message.”

The essential claim is that Kavanaugh’s having daughters will have no bearing whatsoever on his work, with the implicit suggestion that since he is a white male Republican, he is a sexist.

Onto the second piece, which explicitly states that a well-regarded study from Harvard says that men in the workplace who happen to have daughters treat women more favorably than men who do not.

“But the daughter effect isn’t merely anecdotal, and it doesn’t simply change men’s attitudes,” says the second piece. “It can also have profound economic consequences says the piece from last year. A new study from researchers at Harvard offers perhaps the most compelling evidence yet: Venture capitalists who have daughters are more likely to hire women to work at their firms and those more diverse firms see improved financial returns.”

So indeed, the pieces do contradict one another. Another example of the fake news media trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public at large to suit its own agenda.

Apparently Peck forgot that the internet is forever.

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